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House Painting in Albuquerque: Big Impact, Small Investment

LivingroomWant to enhance the appearance and value of your Albuquerque area home without spending a lot of time or money? Small house painting projects are a great choice. Not only are they easy on tight budgets, but they can also be completed in less than a day.

Here are three small-scale house painting projects that can make a big impact on a small investment, courtesy of 360° Painting® Albuquerque:  

  1. Update the entryway.
    Every guest that visits your home will see the entryway, so it should look inviting. When choosing a color, consider the space. Lighter colors can make an entryway appear larger while picking a color one to two shades darker than a connecting room can lend a cozy feel.
  2. Paint a dark hallway.
    Brighten up a dark, gloomy hallway in an afternoon with a fresh coat of paint two shades lighter than the color in adjacent rooms. At 360° Painting® Albuquerque, we suggest choosing paint with a satin gloss finish; these finishes are not only easier to clean, but they also reflect more light than matte finishes.
  3. Add color to a bookshelf.
    Whether they’re freestanding or built-in, painting the interior of a bookshelf can provide a fun and unexpected pop of color. This is a great place to try a bright, bold color; when books and pictures are put back on the shelves, the color will appear more subdued.  

Professional House Painting Services from 360° Painting Albuquerque

At 360° Painting® Albuquerque, we believe that the fastest way to update the interior or exterior of your house is a fresh coat of paint. We also know that flawless results require time-consuming preparation, even on the smallest of painting projects.  

Want stunning results without giving up precious free time with your family? Skip the hassle, mess, and stress of DIY house painting by calling the experts at 360° Painting® Albuquerque.

From start to finish, our professional team takes care of all the hassles and work associated with meticulous prepping, professional painting, and thorough cleanup to deliver stunning results you’ll enjoy showing off.

At 360° Painting® Albuquerque, we provide free color consultations for all our clients. We can suggest colors based on current trends, classic color palettes, and the style of your home. To explore color combinations right from your mobile device or desktop, try our Color Visualizer tool; simply upload an image of your space to see endless color options for your home’s walls and trim.

Ready to bring your vision to life? Call 360° Painting® Albuquerque today at (505) 807-0202 to schedule your free house painting consultation.