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How To Use Greenery In Your Home

How to Use GreeneryAs we mentioned in our last blog 2017 Trend Roundup, the Pantone Color Institute annually decides on a “Color of the Year”. This year’s color Greenery was chosen, according to the executive director, we “need” Greenery because “it is a life-affirming hue. It’s a rejuvenating hue… It is a color that we know speaks to us of hopefulness and of buoyancy…Studies have done that show, if you’re surrounded by green, even if you’re not walking in the forest, you do oxygenate more. You are impelled to breathe more deeply. “

Who doesn’t want a space where they can breathe more deeply? Where they can relax in the comfort and safety of their home, far away from the chaos of the modern world? We’re 100% behind Pantone in this color decision. So, now that we have all decided to breathe more deeply, where exactly should we put this color?

Green Accent Wall
Rough Luxe Lifestyle

1. The “little wall” in your kitchen: This is a wall that separates a closet, a hallway, another room, etc. from your kitchen. Instead of politely trying to ignore the poor little wall, have it bring your kitchen a fresh breath from the heart of the forest.

2. Your home office: Using Greenery in your office is the perfect equation for a more productive, and less stressful, work environment.

  • Oxygen + Blood = Oxygenated Blood
  • Oxygenated blood x Your Brain= Faster Brain
Office Space Painted Green

House Beautiful

Green Shelving

Amie Corley Interiors

3. Your mounted bookshelves: Like a forest undergrowth, painting Greenery on the inside of your mounted bookshelves, tucks bursts of life into your every day nooks and crannies.

Relax while 360° Painting paints your home the trendy, and 100% necessary, 2017 color of the year. Because Pantone doesn’t sell the paint (they just set the trend!) Sherwin-Williams and PPG both have been inspired by Greenery with their green shades Overt Green and Green pear.

Sherwin-Williams Overt Green PPG Green Pear