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Design & Painting Tips from Painting Professionals

Paint CansDiscover design and painting tips for your next redecorating project.

Whether you’re looking for ideas on how to redecorate your living room, color suggestions for your home’s exterior, or tips on how to tackle a large commercial painting project, you’ve come to the right place. Our painters answer your most pressing painting questions and dish out valuable advice on how to achieve a professional look when repainting or redecorating your space.

Tips & Advice from Professional Painters

At 360° Painting, we take pride in the many successful painting projects accomplished by our painters. We’ve helped homeowners and business owners achieve across a wide range of projects. We’ve earned five-star reviews for interior and exterior painting work, residential and commercial paint jobs, and a range of specialty painting projects. In Tips & Trends, we share insider advice on how you can achieve the same eye-catching results on your own painting projects.

Residential Design Tips & Painting Tips

Our blog contains plenty of design tips and painting tips for your next residential painting or redecoration project. Wondering when wallpaper’s the right choice for your living room? Looking for tips on how to stain a deck? Concerned about peeling exterior paint? Our painting professionals have answers to your questions along with plenty of tips and inspiration for amateur painters. Our painting professionals have answers to your questions along with plenty of tips and inspiration for amateur painters.

Commercial Design Tips & Painting Tips

If you’re a business owner looking for design and painting tips about how to give your workplace a budget-friendly facelift, you’ll find advice on how to make that possible. Our commercial design and painting tips make it easy to plan and execute commercial painting projects.

Need More Than Tips & Advice…?

If you need more than just design and painting tips on your next redecorating project, we invite you to contact your nearest 360° Painting location. Whether you’re repainting your kitchen, your board room, or your property’s exterior, our painters will ensure eye-catching, professional results. With our trademark combination of premium paints, high-quality equipment, and proven techniques, we can help you bring your vision for your home or workplace to life.

Get design and painting tips along with a free painting estimate from our local 360° Painting by calling (866) 496-0092 or clicking the “Schedule a FREE Estimate.”