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14 Color Schemes For Your Bathroom

(That You’ll Wish You had Thought of First)

14 Color Schemes For Your Bathroom

You deserve the perfect retreat. Whether you want for a spa-like level of comfort and luxury or prefer clean lines and an even cleaner tub, we have 14 color schemes for your (very) personal space…the bathroom.

  1. Don’t mistake this for a single-hued bathroom; there are two different greens, both with slate grey undertones, for the molding and the walls in this bathroom. Using two similar but coordinating colors draws the eye in and adds depth.


(Photo Credit: Little Green Notebook)

2. Again, this bathroom uses two shades of blue, this time with a greater contrast. Instead of cluttering the walls, the different shades, one on the bottom two-thirds of the wall and the other closer to the ceiling, makes the bathroom interesting while maintaining its minimalist aesthetic.


(Photo Credit: Domino)

3. Reject convention by using both playfully patterned wallpaper and paint on the molding in your bathroom. The paint on the doorway and the wooden molding pulls out a neutral blue from the wallpaper, tying the room nicely together. (Tip: Want to do something similar? Use a color matching tool, like PPG The Voice of Color Visualize Color or Sherwin Williams ColorSnap to guarantee you’ll find the exact matching paint.)

Bathtub in front of wallpapered wall

(Photo Credit: House)

  1. Natural wood combined with gingham wallpaper (balanced by the simple white molding and white floors) screams country living. Note how they tied the wallpaper into the rest of the bathroom to create continuity by painting the sink the same shade.

Bathroom Counter

(Photo Credit: Better Homes & Gardens)

  1. Make your bathroom a warm farmhouse retreat by using “shiplap” (the wooden boards on the walls) and a steely olive green color scheme. The steel appliances compliment the paint color nicely; a good reminder for us all that the opportunity to tie a room together is in the details, down to the faucets.

Bathroom Counter

(Photo Credit: Better Homes & Gardens)

  1. In a world of sensory overload, designer Alyssa Kapito relies on the simple clean lines of the bathtub, the crown molding and tile floor. The white walls aren’t boring, but mind-clearing in this bathhouse retreat.


(Photo Credit: Alyssa Kapito)

  1. More shiplap with a rustic feel; this time the natural wood and intricate floor design are harmonized by the grey-green walls.


(Photo Credit: Jenna Sue Design Co.)

  1. In a bright bathroom with white features, using loudly-patterned wallpaper is the only statement piece you need. The green curtain with the brown detailing continues the wallpaper from one wall to the next.

Sink and Toilet

(Photo Credit: Massucco Warner Miller)

9. Don’t be afraid to use dark colors in your bathroom, especially when your bathroom has glass-block and lets in a ton of light.


(Photo Credit: Abby Manchesky Interiors)

  1. What did we say? The fixtures, especially in bathrooms, can be hugely important in bringing design elements together. This glitzy bathroom does just that, taking one shade of gold and reflecting it in the branching wallpaper, the mirrors, the faucets, and even the cabinet drawers.

Bathroom counter and mirrors

(Photo Credit: Homepolish)

  1. A bold choice that pays off, this bathroom uses both statement paint (black for the door and vanity) and eye-catching patterned pink Despite the small size of the bathroom, both loud choices don’t overwhelm the room but rather balance each other, creating a luxurious guest bathroom for your guests to swoon over.

Wallpapered bathroom

(Photos: Ashley Whittaker Design)

  1. Textured wallpaper so intricate you want to reach out and stroke it, this becomes the perfect (and surprising) neutral background to the gold fixtures in this bathroom. The sparse use of gold makes it pop against the wallpaper without straying into gaudiness.

Bathroom Sink

(Photo Credit:. Grant K. Gibson)

  1. The stripes on these walls echo the blue-ish veins of the marble on the sink, allowing this bathroom to balance whimsy and sophistication in the best possible way.

Blue and White Bathroom

(Photo Credit: Hernandez Greene)

  1. A spa retreat where the details, from the stripes on the towels to the small accent tiles on the floor, are tied in with the overall color scheme of the wall. If this perfectly-detailed bathroom doesn’t make you relax then what will?


(Photo Credit: Haynes-Roberts Inc.)

As you plan your next bathroom project, leave the hard work to the professionals at 360° Painting. We know your bathrooms are part of your everyday life; we’ll get the job done efficiently and with results that will land your bathroom on the next installment of this list.