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10 Homes from Up-and-Coming Interior Designers

(That you can have too)

These 10 up-and-coming designers have thousands of Instagram followers, satisfied clients, and brilliant styling ideas. Here are some of the best examples of their work; the best news is you too can have a home just like these. 360° Painting works with you to make your vision come true; their professional painting services, from kitchen ceilings to porch floors, are sure to bring your dream home to life right in front of your eyes. Interior or exterior painter: 360° Painting has your back.

  1. This beautiful open floor plan by Sara Gilbane Interiors makes the big space feel intimate through the use of large windows and coordinated ceiling colors. This bold orange could be a dangerous choice, but by using the same shade within a pattern on the backs of the chairs and by keeping the rest of the color palette consistent and simple, the orange is tastefully applied and makes this an unexpected, yet classy, apartment.

Dining Room

Photo Credit: Sara Gilbane Interiors

  1. The delicate detailing in this bedroom is mirrored by the graceful sloping ironwork of the canopy bed. This wallpaper is the accent wall in the room, and also serves as the artwork and focal point. The simple mirrors perfectly compliment the wallpaper.


Photo Credit: Paloma Contreras

  1. A Brooklyn townhouse that designer Nick Olsen infused with old world elements in a modern color palette, this room is completed with the imitation stucco burnt-orange paint. This design choice is subtle enough to let other details, like the vibrant carpet, take center stage, while providing a unified, textured background.

Living Room

Photo Credit: Architectural Digest

  1. The duo behind Hernandez Greene got their start in the fashion world, something that becomes obvious throughout their portfolio. The pair are great with mixing textures, and understand that a mix of textures and material draw the eye in. This master bedroom is classic Cape Cod-esque and an example of the way wallpaper and antiqued painting techniques can evoke an ambient sense of place—no matter how far your bedroom is from the beachfront.

Blue Bedroom

Photo Credit: Hernandez Greene

  1. We love accent walls! The bar furnishings in this dining room take advantage of the vineyard wallpaper; the bar shelving frames the sections of the wall so that the bottles appear to be part of the “art”. The rest of the room is painted in a neutral palette to draw attention to the mixture of colors + texture + patterns that creates a modern dining space.

Dining Room

Photo Credit: Grant K. Gibson Interior Design

  1. As Mark Sikes shows, you don’t need to go dramatic on your walls in order to create a tasteful open living space. The warm, neutral, walls highlight the natural wood; the bold carpet is a good contrast, and the attention to coordinating the shade of blue in the furnishings from room to room makes the large space intimate.

Living Room

Photo Credit: Mark D. Sikes

  1. In a trend we are seeing across the interior design world (see for example PPG’s Color of the Year, Black FlameRyan Korban takes a dramatic turn with this black The dark paint highlights the ornate furnishings, creating a space full of gravitas.

Dark Dining Room

Photo Credit: Ryan Korban

  1. Simple, fun and useful, the orange paint only on the inside of the shelving of this kid’s room evokes the orange piping of the headboard and the throw pillow on the bed. A pop of orange sunshine doesn’t disturb the overall simple and clean feel of this boyish room.

Kid's Bedroom

Photo Credit: Tilton Fenwick

9. A clean, modern kitchen highlights the natural beauty of the windows by maintaining a simple color scheme with two wallpaper borders along the tiered ceiling. Using wallpaper instead of paint to highlight the unique molding of the ceiling is a subtle way to add your personality to your home.


Photo Credit: Ashley Whittaker Design

10. And finally, we can’t forget the clean appeal of a simple, pure color palette. The crown molding and dark furniture stands out in this simple home built on contrasts.

Living Room

Photo Credit: Alyssa Kapito Interiors