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How Can Families Prepare to Paint their Homes?

Living RoomIt can be difficult to fit painting your home in the busy schedule of your family. In between soccer practice, school plays and the normal fast-paced speed of your family, call 360° Painting to make your life a little easier. With 360° Painting on the job, all you have to worry about is how to choose the right color, and the right type, of paint, to fit the diverse needs of your family home. 360° Painting uses only top quality paint like PPG Paints. Experts from PPG Paints have the following tips for when you decide to have 360° Painting transform your home.

How Can Families prepare to paint their homes?The first rule of choosing paint is that not all paints are created equal! Different paints have different qualities that can better fit the needs of your family. For example, if you have young kids, Brian Osterried, a product marketing manager at PPG, suggests picking a paint with “low odor, such as PPG Paints Pure Performance…this product offers really good performance, is zero-VOC, provides excellent hiding, and creates a mold and mildew resistant coating.” Brian continues, “Additionally, when choosing the sheen of your paint, choose a higher sheen in areas with high traffic that will need to be cleaned often. PPG recommends an eggshell finish for children’s playrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms that are exposed to a lot of activity.” And, if the kids take Sharpie to the walls, a high sheen like PPG Paints Manor Hall will “provide durability when it comes time to scrub off a tough stain…the high sheen will make the cleaning process easier.” Try using a non-abrasive cleaner, like dish soap, to get the “art” off the walls.

Paint CanWhen it comes to choosing a color to make your house a home for everyone, Dee Schlotter, PPG senior color marketing manager, suggests involving the children. “Have your children select their favorite colors from those they like in their toys, favorite flowers, or even pets. From there, select your top three color choices and let your child make the final decision! It will make them feel involved and engaged in the home improvement process.” She continues, “If you’re trying to decide between two different colors that you love, go with the color with the name you enjoy most! You’ll likely always remember the name, and can easily tell guests the beautiful color you used when they inquire about it!” Or, if you still can’t decide, “look back on your social media posts, especially those from vacations – Instagram, Pinterest, etc. What images evoke joyful feelings and remind you of great memories? Use those colors in your space and you won’t be disappointed.”

And when considering paint choices that will grow with your dynamic household, always consider neutrals. “Neutrals,” says Dee, “are a safe color choice due to their classic aesthetic and flexibility. One of our favorite neutrals is PPG Paints Swirling Smoke– the perfect warm gray that goes well in any space. Grays whisper while whites shout, and grays can be punctuated with a variety of décor elements, such as natural wood floors, or even bright, bold floral patterns. Grays can serve as the perfect backdrop to existing elements, and deep grays can provide beautiful gravity to space.

The PPG Paints 2017 Color of the Year, Violet Verbena, is a grayed-off, moody purple with a chameleon-like presence that is well-suited to a variety of spaces. Considered a gender-neutral hue, it looks polished yet playful in a child’s room, and it is sophisticated enough to be used in a dining space or as an unexpected pop of color on a front door. When paired with dark neutrals, Violet Verbena unveils gray undertones, but when paired with whites, it reads as a purer purple. The chameleon-like hue is colorful enough to make a statement, but it can also be considered neutral with its gray undertones.

Good luck choosing a paint; we at 360° Painting will be waiting to help you make your dream home a reality.