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Most Recent Posts from August, 2018

  • PAINT + WOOD: Our Tips for Using Paint to Bring Out the Best in Natural Wood

    We often talk about the wonders that paint can have in your home or office. We stand by it! But sometimes the trick to painting is limiting yourself. Paint can enhance the natural wooden elements in ... Read More
  • 6 Ways To Make Your Small Space Feel Huge

    As the Nordic minimalist trend takes hold and more people discover the joy of de-cluttering, people are downsizing. Moving into a smaller, simpler home doesn’t mean that you have to be cramped or ... Read More
  • 7 Ways Furniture & Paint Compliment Each Other

    Your home or office is so much more than just one specific element – there is no “one” element that brings the whole space together. Your home could be painted the perfect color but with mismatched ... Read More
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