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Plants + Paints

Plant & Paint Info GraphicAs we’ve talked about on the blog before, paint is crucial to the overall feel of your home. But paint doesn’t exist in a vacuum! There are many elements that in your home that make the whole space feel cohesive and…homey. We’ve talked a lot about how different fabrics can be used as accents but don’t stop there. Using plants is one of the overlooked-assets that both homeowners and office workers have to compliment, contrast and accentuate the color of your walls. Plants are a great option because they add depth and because they can be moved and they naturally grow – all things that keep your home looking lively (literally).

Option #1: Your Wallpaper IRL (in real life)

House Interior

As Ashley Whittaker Design demonstrates, use a light, floral-patterned wallpaper and then pair with long, branching real plants. Note how she chooses a darker plant, with equally long and flowing branches, to place on the table – she stays within the color palette and mimics the shape of the floral pattern which balances the space. We particularly love the rich, dark floors and doors as a contrasted with the light, delicate wallpaper.

Dining Room

Cromwell + Company Interiors uses a similar logic. Instead of mimicking the shape of the plants on the walls, the wallpaper pattern is bulbous. In contrast, they usea delicate flower to place on the dining room table which incorporates the same shade of blue found on the wallpaper but departs in shape and is instead long and straight.

We love both variations on this option!

Option #2: Take the time to stop and smell the…leaves

House Interior

Using plants in your home is so much more than just putting flowers in a vase! As Cameron Stewart Design demonstrates, sometimes tree foliage has more shape, color and substance to offer a home than flowers do. These magnolia leaves are two-toned which allows the design to match the existing color beige color palette and naturally expand it by adding deep green. The magnolia leaves are also heavier than flowers which perfectly balances the rugged, natural elements in this room, like the rough wooden mantelpiece.

Option #3: When in doubt, go cheery

Interior with plants

Ok so we cheated a little bit on this one.  This is technically a store in the Netherlands but we love it!  Maximalist style is multi-colored and multi-layered with maximum personality! This is definitely a maximalist style with a twist of jungle. The cheery yellow on the wall and the lime green on the floor works so well together because they are reflected in the natural colors of the plants.

Option #4: Plants as architectural additions

Dining Room

In our next option, don’t be afraid to play with the lines in your home or office! Plants can seriously enhance or complement the architectural structure of your home. In this example from Ryan White Designs, the curved trunks and breezy foliage reflect the curved patterns on the wallpaper while softening the harsh straight lines of the simple table and bright window frames.

Option #5: Bring on the color combinations!


Our final option is a HUGE opportunity to constantly innovate and re-energize your home. There are so many color combinations that plants can make in combination with your paint and wallpaper – check out our blog post here about the endless color combos you can make in your home! We love this patterned-blue and burnt orange flower pairing from Brynn Olson Design Group.

We also love this pink and green combinations from Kate Marker Interiors.