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The Colors (and Music) of Love

The Colors (And Music) of LoveNothing elicits an emotional reaction quite like two things: colors and music. Both a beautiful piece of art and a melodious song can give us goosebumps. All the shades of red and pink (along with all the other coordinating colors from grays to blues) are lively; each one has a very clear personality. From the shyest, palest pink, to the bouncing, shouting energetic reds, the colors of Valentine’s day are very much the colors of love, the whole spectrum of love. From quiet, hand-written notes to boombox-declarations-of-love, these different shades of color each say something different about love this Valentine’s Day. We’ve matched each shade of pink with a corresponding song so that you can have a perfectly curated Valentine’s day paint palette and playlist. So in the spirit of Shakespeare, “If music be the fruit of love…play on!”

  1. Subdued by PPG

With hints of gray and a soft presence, Subdued is a mature color for Valentine’s Day when you’ve moved beyond candy hearts to when you feel like you’ve known someone, whether a friend or a partner, for your whole life.

PPG Subdued Paint Color

Corresponds to How Sweet It Is (To be Loved By You) by James Taylor.

  1. Caliente by Benjamin Moore

This Benjamin Moore Color of the Year is bold, passionate and lively. Caliente, which means “hot” in Spanish, gets your heart pumping!

Benjamin Moore Caliente Paint Color
(Photo courtesy of Benjamin Moore)

Corresponds to Escape by Enrique Iglesias.

  1. Mellow Coral by Sherwin-Williams

We’ve talked about Millennial Pink many many times; it's popping up everywhere. From fashion to sports, millennial pink is taking over. Sherwin-Williams’ take on the color is called Mellow Coral and is just sweet enough, with a hint of youth, to make it both nostalgic and comfortable for more than just the “millennial” crowd. Sweet and kind, Mellow Coral is the kind of love that brightens your day.

Sherwin-Williams Mellow Coral Paint Color

Corresponds to (I’m Gonna Be) 500 Miles by The Proclaimers.

  1. Peach Beauty by PPG

One more (perfect) pink by PPG. Peach Beauty has all the sweetness of summer, sun-ripened peach.  With its beachy-peachy overtones, Peach Beauty reminds us of summer afternoons spent with loved-ones by the shore, maybe with sandcastles at your feet and laughter in the air.

PPG Peach Beauty Paint Color

Corresponds to Summer Nights by The Cast of Grease.