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New Year’s Resolution to Be More Productive? We Have the Paint For that.

New Years Resolution to be More Productive?The colors in your home, in your office, in your life, have a major impact on your well-being.

What is this year going to look like for you? Will 2020 be the year that your small business is going to take off? Maybe this is the year you finish that project you’ve been putting off for a while. Maybe this is the year you get promoted! Maybe 2020 is the year your kids are at the top of the class. No matter your goals, we have the paint to make 2020 your most productive year yet.

According to a 2006 study on the impact of color on marketing (1) our ancestors even recognized the ability of color to change your mood. The ancient Egyptians used colored light to heal their patients. More recent studies have proven that blue is a stimulating color while red energizes your metabolism! Yellow grabs your attention and can stimulate your creative juices. So here’s our list of the colors to paint your office, your home, your kid’s rooms, anywhere you want to be more productive this year.

1. Caliente Benajmin Moore

Interior Room Painted with Benjamin Moore Caliente

The 2018 Benajmin Moore Color of the Year is a bold, strong color with vitality that will spark the energy and boldness in any space.

2. Headspace Clare Paint

Wall Painted with Clare Paint Headspace

What better color to stimulate your 2020 than one called Headspace? This gentle color creates just the right environment for those who need a calming, peaceful space where they can really explore their imaginations and sink into a super-productive zone.

3. Autumn Hue Dutch Boy

Room Painted with Dutch Boy Autumn Hue

A yellow-orange warm color will brighten up any space with a comforting glow that will relax your mind and keep it awake so that you can get rid of any anxiety and be at your most productive.

4. Classic Blue Pantone

Pantone Classic Blue

And one final blue to round out the list: Classic Blue, the 2020 Pantone Color of the Year. This dependable color is always a favorite and just the solid ground that you want to have surrounding you to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward!

The best way to start a productive year is to get these colors in your home, in our office, as quickly and as seamlessly as possible. 360° Painting is committed daily to being the most productive, efficient, professional and customer-focused painting company possible! Give us a call and start the year off right!

(1) Satyendra Singh, (2006) “Impact of color on marketing”, Management Decision, Vol. 44 Issue: 6, pp.783-789)