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12 Perfect Color Pairs

Nothing is more satisfying than a truly excellent color combination. It is so calming to see shades of pink and yellow together and you can feel the refreshing breeze of green and blue pairings. We gathered the best color pairs from all over, from homes to food, so that YOU can drool over these perfect combinations and gather inspiration for how best to tie these soothing, satisfying combinations throughout your home or office.

  1. Peach + Millennial Pink

trendy pink and peach painted wall with decor

Photo Credit: Domino

In a combination that is both trendy and seasonal, this combination of millennial pink and peach is a retro way to add color to your home.

  1. Dark Gray + Velvet Purple

living room space with dark painting color palette

Dark gray and luxurious purple accents like in this home from Homepolish adds an understated note of luxury and class without being over-the-top.

  1. Millennial Pink + Sky Blue

blue and pink wall with iced donuts

Photo Credit: Heather Schwartz

Millennial pink and sky blue can sound like a childish combination but as these artfully decorated (and absolutely scrumptious-looking) donuts prove, it can be both whimsical and sophisticated.

  1. Mints + Skies

bedroom with mint color palette and neutral details

Photo Credit: Summer Thornton

This room from Summer Thornton Design is a mix of mints and sky blues that utilizes the two main colors and reflects them across a series of fabrics and textures. This technique is a great way to create a unique room while still relying on the special strength of this pastel combination.

  1. Deep purple and lime green

fresh figs

Photo Credit: Stefano Zocca

This can sound like a strange combination but as these beautiful figs demonstrate, sometimes Mother Nature knows best!

  1. Electric blue + Soft yellow

blue painted office space

Photo Credit: Thornton Design

Electric blue high-gloss finish could be overwhelming if not for the soft yellow to compliment and soften this fun look.

  1. Jade Green + Navy Blue

Jade green painted living room with decor

Photo Credit: Homepolish

This deep green is moderated by the crisp white wooden details and perfectly complimented by the navy blue details throughout the room. The attention to detail is what makes this so satisfying to look at! From the navy blue stripes on the shades to the artwork and suede couch, this room is the perfect, balanced,  color combination.

  1. Green Shades + Millennial Pink

green shades and millennial pink stripes on white wall

Ok so we’re cheating a little here because this is technically three colors but these perfectly straight, and perfectly matched, lines remind us of watermelon, summer and all good things.

  1. Grey Blue + Bright Yellow

spring cocktails on a blue and yellow striped table

Photo Credit: Rawpixel

An ever-cheery combination, grey-blue and bright yellow look particularly good together especially when those refreshing drinks are on top!

  1. Pink + Raspberry Red

raspberry popsicles

Photo Credit: Daniel Hjalmarsson

While we love sophisticated and understated, we’re also tickled pink by this youthful color combination! It’s a classic but one that continues to bring as much satisfaction to all us color lovers out here.

  1. Black + Gold

black and white painted bathroom with gold accents

Photo Credit: Room for Tuesday

This could be a heavy color choice except that the blog Room for Tuesday balances this luxurious and exciting color combination with white cabinets and neutral features. We love the simple yet outrageous class of black with gold features.

  1. Pink + Green

half of an avocado on a pink background

Photo Credit: Thought Catalogue

And last but not least, a time-honored color combination of pink and green is ever-satisfying and ever-refreshing, especially when an avocado looks this good against a pink background.

12 satisfying color combinations have give you plenty to be inspired by and plenty to want in your home. Leave the hard work to the professionals as you sit back and envision your perfectly coordinated future home or office. Call (866) 496-0092 for your free 360° Painting estimate today.