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5 Ways To Bring Your Beach Vacation Home

5 ways to bring your beach vacation home

It’s the day we all dread: packing up the family (slightly more sandy, slightly more sunburned), braving beach traffic and heading home. Going home, going back to work; there can be mixed feelings about leaving behind the blissfully carefree days spent napping with the waves crashing in the background. Our solution: don’t leave it behind! There are ways, big and small, to bring the carefree days of salt and sand back with you and we here at 360° Painting have collected our favorites for you.

  1. Don’t forget the small stuff.

You know how sand has the annoying habit of getting everywhere? Well, sand gives a hint for how to bring that beachy feeling with you (please don’t pour sand in your house). Sand reminds us to pay attention to the small stuff. Don’t forget to include ocean-inspired throws into your home; draped over couches or tucked into corners, these blankets bring reminders of days laid out in the sun.

Photo Credit: Domino
  1. Sun-baked tiles bring sun-baked vibes

There’s something special about detailed, colorful tiles that soak up the warmth of the sun. These tiles, positioned above the fireplace, inject a jolt of ocean-blue into the home.

Living Room
Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy
  1. Play with colors

The beach is naturally full of contrasting surprising colors. From the shining coral hidden within conch shells to the transparent purples of jellyfish, color is everywhere in the beach landscape. Don’t be afraid to use tropical, sherbet colors that brighten with the sun and reflect the sumptuous joyful colors of the beach.

House Entry
Photo Credit: Coastal Living
  1. Be literal.

Do you miss the beach? Add literal reminders and images of the beach. These visual cues set your brain on beach mood for a little jolt of happiness during your daily routine. Throw in some natural wood and you will feel immediately back in your “happy place”!

Kitchen Table
Photo Credit: Homepolish
  1. Expand your horizons

Just as you loved gazing at the horizon of the sky and sea, expand your color horizon! Beach colors aren’t limited to blues and greens, but have so much to do with sun-drenched golds and yellows. Patterned yellows, like this wallpaper from Coastal Living, mimic the patterns of the sun wafting through the palm trees.

Photo Credit: Coastal Living

So what are you waiting for? Bring the beach back home NOW! Give 360° Painting a call and we’ll be over faster than you can fall asleep on the beach.