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Color Inspiration from Dream Destinations

Color inspiration from dream destinationsIt’s the middle of summer, and the heat has started getting to us. In the hazy afternoon, it can be easy to slip off in a daydream full of exotic places. Even if you can’t get away this summer, you can still bring the vibrancy and creative spirit of your dream destinations to your home. You do the dreaming and 360° Painting will do the hard work. We used Sherwin-William’s ColorSnap online tool to match the colors from these photos.

  1. Grecian Islands

First of all, there is so much to love in these islands. From the winding little paths to the sun-bleached domes of the homes glinting in the midday light there is color bursting everywhere. Old ya yas hanging laundry in the courtyard and fishers on the sea: the scenes of the Grecian islands are full of salt, sun, and a gorgeously unified color scheme. Use the Grecian masterpiece of Santorini to inspire your home.

Grecian Islands color palette

  1. Cinque Terre

Has the year has just moved too quickly for you? Is everyone hustling to stay at the same break-neck speed? Maybe you want a reminder to linger at the dining room table, to take a moment to breath, to sit while you’re eating instead of racing off to the next thing. Turn your kitchen from a food-factory to a gathering place by bringing the colors of the true Italian dolezza di non fare niente, the sweetness of doing nothing, to your home. The islands of Cinque Terre, with their warm, inviting colors, contrast with the coolness of the Mediterranean, are the perfect way to create an Italian mentality in your cucina.

Cinque Terre color palette
Photo Credit: Florian Dornauer
  1. Provence

Next up on our world tour, the French Provence region! Nestled along the Mediterranean, it is most well-known for its stunning lavender fields. It embodies the French joie de vivre, the joy of living. Incorporating the simple, rich and bountiful colors of the Provence region in your bedroom, bathroom or study instills a joyful disposition of spirit. You can almost smell the lavender from here!

Provence color palette
Photo Credit: Leonard Cotte
  1. Aruba

And last but certainly not least, the beach vacation we all dream of. Use the jewel colors of Aruba all over your home. Whether in the master bathroom or on the sun porch, or even in the trim in the kitchen, these colors bring you immediately to a place of tranquility. Because of the sun, the rhythmic pounding of the waves and the wind-blown trees, the pure colors of Aruba center any home.

Aruba color palette
Photo Credit: Martin Passchier