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Long Live Summer (Lawn Games, Candles, Cocktails and Sun)

Long Live SummerIt's finally here! Kick-off your snowboots, slather on the sunscreen, dust off the cushions and find the grilling tongs; you’re heading outside. Warm weather means we all get to finally get to regain a little of the Vitamin C that we lost over the winter. Sun, fresh air and the sound of grilling; nothing could be more perfect. Here are some ideas on how to toast all summer long. Before you tumble outside though, think about taking the time to first repair your home after the ravages of winter.

Idea: Host a lawn party. Lawn games are way underrated and don’t belong just in Alice in Wonderland. Crack open a few tried-and-true lawn games like croquet, bocce ball and Can Jam; all three are easy to learn and will set your party apart for creativity and fun.

People at a Barbecue

Preparation: The games make for the perfect photo opportunity; don’t let your house be a disappointing background. The winter weather can take a toll on your house; the winter wind is especially brutal on shutters! Add a fresh coat of paint to your exterior trim, and choose a fresh new color to revitalize your shutters and doors before half the neighborhood posts lawn party photos on social media.

IdeaCandles-only dinner. The summer evenings are particularly kind; nature coordinates to provide enough light for your entertaining. From the moon and stars to lightning bugs and heat lightning, you only need a few candles (make them Citronella to be extra prepared) to create a hazy, intimate evening on your porch.

Candles in Glass Jars
Photo Credit: Jovi Waqa

Preparation: Candlelight may make a great atmosphere, but if your deck is rough and warped it can also mean splinters and tripping galore! The cold is bona fide terrible for your wooden deck. Even after wood has been sanded and waterproofed, there is still a small amount of water within it. That water freezes, expands and ends up warping the wood of your deck. Plus all the shoveling and ice-scraping can seriously damage the paint. Give your deck a well-deserved spa treatment to prepare it for the heavy-lifting during the summer. 360° Painting will happily bring your deck back up to entertaining speed.

IdeaAperitivo hour. Not everyone can jet off to Europe for the summer; why not bring the best of the Mediterranean to your home? Offer a classic Italian aperitivo hour full of Campari spritz, Tuscan wine and small bites like cheese and salami. Take it slow like the Italians do, and linger over a glass with excellent friends well past dinner time.

Hand holding Champagne Flute
Photo Credit: Dave Lastovskiy

Preparation: Match the aperitivo with the addition of European-inspired wallpaper or stucco in your home. The relaxing and sun-drenched will linger in your home long after the last aperitivo is finished. Try this Venetian Wallpaper by Cole & Son or a warm stucco, like the one found in this London flat.

House Interior
(Photo Credits: Wallpaper Direct & A Cup of Jo)

No matter your preparation needs this season, 360° Painting is happy to assist (we’re also happy to attend). Give us a call at (866) 496-0092.