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The Perfect Paint for Hot July Days

The Perfect Paint for Hot July DaysIt’s the dog days of summer when the humidity is overwhelming and it feels sticky just to step outside (at least that’s how it is in 360° Painting’s headquarters!). In hot months like July, it is important to know that your paint is going to be able to withstand these extreme temperatures and beating sun.

Fortunately, paint technology has evolved where the dampness and late-afternoon rain showers no longer derail an exterior paint project entirely. For example, Sherwin-Williams “Resilience” line of paints quickly develop moisture resistance, in just two hours, half the time it would normally take.

Other Sherwin-Williams paints include “Duration Exterior Coating” with “a new acrylic co-polymer technology”. What does this mean for your home? More durability and less blistering in your paint job.

It is important to protect your home from weathering during the summer and paint is the best way to do. Adding a layer to protect against the ultraviolet rays sure feels like a good idea on how days like these, doesn’t it?

Now that you know your paint is going to last and protect your home, how do you protect yourself from these hot days?

Try this brilliant idea; add a large window that doubles as breeze-creator for your indoor spaces and a perfectly shaded outdoor bar.

Exterior Bar

Photo Credit: Homepolish

Or use a light patio wall to keep a little coolness. Note how this home from Chad McPhail designs easily blends indoor and outdoor spaces with large sliding glass doors that encourage airflow (and help with the heavy air of late summer!)


Photo Credit: Chad McPhail Design

To keep the home cool, make sure to use light fabrics that reflect instead of absorbing heat. Natural fiber rugs and walls are great ways to keep a space cool.

House Interior

Photo Credit: Coastal Living

And finally, take a page out of the Italian handbook! Using materials like terracotta keeps the house cool (plus who wouldn’t want to live in an Italian villa?)