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Most Recent Posts from June, 2018

  • Transform your Bathroom into a Spa (In Just 5 Easy Steps)

    Where is the one place in your home that always has your back, that supports you know matter what, that prepares you to tackle the day and helps you to relax once you’re back home? Your bathroom has ... Read More
  • A History of House Painting

    A History of House Painting We take it for granted now, but why do we paint our houses? Who was the first person who, tired of staring at a white wall, thought to themselves, “Wouldn’t a light blue ... Read More
  • Should You Paint the Wood in Your Home?

    Are you looking to transform a dark space by lightening it up? Maybe you have outdated wood in your home that is begging to be painted. At 360° Painting we love the magic and transformative power of a ... Read More
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