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Paint Tips from Interior Designers

Paint Tips: Interior Designers Weigh InPaint colors, swatches, palettes; inspiration, moods and “Colors of the Year”; stylish today, dated tomorrow?: these are the questions, trends and vocabulary you have to juggle when you’re considering revamping your home. It can feel a little overwhelming, especially when you are juggling a million other things. You’ve already done the easiest part and called 360° Painting for your free estimate; now time to figure out the colors! Fortunately, there are many interior designers willing to weigh in about paint and interior decoration. Here is a roundup of the most influential interior designers and what they have to say about painting your home:

1. Joanna Gaines from HGTV’s Fixer Upper

Fixer Upper is the wildly successful HGTV show set in Waco, Texas. The show, and the shop started by Joanna and Chip Gaines, is a self-described ‘Simple and Classic” style, “Farm inspired”. Their designs knock down walls and open up spaces; always with the ultimate goal of family functionality. In an interview on her blog, Joanna describes her go-to paint to create “light and airy spaces” were several shades of grays, “soft greens and richer blue tones.” Plus, she adds, “a good clean white is nice for trim because it makes the wall color pop.” When deciding what to paint, Joanna focuses on the amount of natural light in the room and takes time to examine all the paint in the natural light. At the end of the day, your home should focus “on your family’s story, rater than a style ideal.” According to Joanna Gaines, that is how to make a house a home.

House Interior
(Photos Credit: Magnolia Market)

2. Mark D. Sikes, Interior Designer

Mark Sikes is an interior designer based in California known for his die-hard dedication to the blue + white combination, and fearless use of eye-catching patterns. He’s making a splash on Instagram and in design magazines like Architectural Digest, House Beautiful and the Wall Street Journal. While Joanna Gaines uses muted, cozy colors, like her mostly-grey color palette, that takes into account the natural light, Mark Sikes makes spaces with little natural light, brighter. In an interview with House Beautiful, Mark believes that it is the way, not the exact hues, that color is used that makes a space bright. The trick to making all the colors work, he says, is by not using all the colors in every room; each room has a different dominant color with accents that are threaded throughout the rest of the home.

House Interior
(Photo Credit: House Beautiful)

3. Genevieve Gorder, host of HGTV’s Ask Genevieve

On Ask Genevieve, Genevieve Gorder solves real-life interior design problems. She is a grounded interior design, in-touch with the everyday challenges of designing, and maintaining, a home on a budget. Her advice may seem a little contrary to conventional wisdom but she swears by it. In her own tiny apartment, she insists on using dark colors, even black, in small rooms because it makes the furniture pop.

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(Photo Credit: SheKnows)

4. Katrina Hernandez and Joshua Greene, interior design form Hernandez Greene

Katrina and Joshua met while working in the fashion industry together; they left to create their New York-based firm, Hernandez Greene. Their distinct style is clearly influenced from their time in fashion as they often like to “layer” patterns, colors and textures in the homes they design. They designed an apartment for an article in Better Homes and Gardens and their paint advice is not to worry so much! They paint five swatches and then go with their gut, without “obsessing” about whether or not it is “an exact match”.

House Interior
(Photo Credit: Hernandez Greene)