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Should You Paint the Wood in Your Home?

Should You Paint Wood?

Are you looking to transform a dark space by lightening it up? Maybe you have outdated wood in your home that is begging to be painted. At 360° Painting we love the magic and transformative power of a new coat of paint! However, when painting wood, there’s several things to consider. We consulted the experts at Sherwin-Williams to learn more about these considerations before making a decision.

The first thing to decide is whether you should or should not paint the wood in your home.

painting woodIt can be a difficult process to remove paint from wood, so make sure to be wise about this decision! Depending on your style, keeping natural wood in your home can create a beautiful, natural contrast with the non-wood surfaces and there are alternatives to painting wood that still renew your home, like staining.

But maybe the wood is outdated or too worn; or maybe there’s just too much wood in your home for your liking. If you decide to paint it, make sure that you use a professional. Painting a wood surface involves a significant amount of prep work, specifically sanding.

Sanding makes sure that the area is smooth and that the paint thoroughly adheres to the surface. According to the experts at Sherwin-Williams, if you’re removing old paint, there could be lead particles launched into the air. Many old paints were lead-based and sanding surfaces to remove that could lead to toxic lead particles in the air. There are serious adverse health effects! Use a professional who knows how to safely do this.

Other steps to prepping the wood surface include filling in any holes and priming the wood with a wood-appropriate primer.

Paint really can make a difference without the expensive and messy task of building new cabinets. (Photo Credit:

Paint can refresh wood surfaces and drastically change the look of your home, but make sure it is done the right way with 360° Painting professionals who know how to safely remove old paint, how to appropriately stain wood and how to create a brand new look in your home.

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Painting the wood in your home might be as simple as painting the wooden window frames to create a subtle pop of energy. Photo Credit: Coastal Living.
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