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Color Inspiration: Regional Roundup

Regional Roundup

The power of exterior color to change not only the look of your home but also the environment of your home is underestimated. Instead of trying to blend in with the neighborhood, think about finding a tasteful way to showcase your personality while setting your home apart in elegance and design. No matter where your home physically is, you can take inspiration from homes from various geographies, bringing a breath of fresh air to your neighborhood. If you want your home to be inspired by your favorite regional exterior, use PPG’s The Voice of Color Visualize Color online tool and call 360° Painting at (866) 496-0092 for your free quote.

1. New England

New England Color Palette
(Photo Credit: PPG Voice of Color)

The scenic New England towns along the water are iconic aspects of the American landscape. You don’t need to have a small, waterfront clapboard house to paint your home these rustic colors. With a home inspired by this color palette, you can almost smell like the salt-infused fog, rolling off the water on a misty fall day.

2. The South

The South color palette
(Photo Credit: Southern Living)

If you have a front porch on your home, or just enjoy fanning yourself in the warm mid-summer breeze, bring a touch of the Southern genteel by sticking to a green-dominated color palette that doesn’t shy away from making a (classy) statement with bold accents, like a red door.

3. Florida Keys

Florida Keys color Palette
(Photo Credit: PPG Voice of Color)

Sherbert-colored walls paired with bright, white trim that makes the walls pop more (if that was even possible), small bungalows jump out of the Floridian swamp and catch the gaze of the passerby. This is definitely a brave color choice, but if you find yourself wishing to abscond to Margaritaville, this palette could be your one-way ticket.

4. California Beachfront

California Beachfront color palette
(Photo Credit: PPG Voice of Color)

The relaxed, laid-back attitude of the California beachfront is found in abundance in this bold color palette. Perhaps best for your own beachfront bungalow, but no matter where you paint with these colors, whether all together or as accent colors, this fun color palette can inspire any homeowner to relax and hang loose, just like the surfers and sunbathers who crowd the Californian beaches.

5. Pacific NorthWest

Pacific Northwest color palette
(Photo Credit: Hammer & Hand)

Inspired by the unique architecture and geographical landscape of the American Pacific Northwest and Canadian Vancouver region, this color palette seeks to harmonize with the breath-taking natural scenery of the forested, mountainous area. Instead of blending in with bland colors, this color palette incorporates and re-imagines the natural surroundings, in a modern, inviting home.