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Color Inspiration: Fabric Free-For-All

Color inspiration fabrics

For this month’s color inspiration, we bring you four fabrics from four vibrant designers. Hand & Cloth, Tilton FenwickMarimekko, and Mark D. Sikes are marrying comfort and design, tradition and innovation, energy and tranquility with their fabrics. When you are redesigning your home, paint colors should be chosen after you’ve decided exactly which fabrics and patterns you want to focus on. Consider using the same pattern in various ways throughout the house, from the upholstery on your couch to the cushions on your patio furniture.

1. Hand & Cloth:

Hand & Cloth is an organization that connects with women-at-risk in countries all over the world and markets their handmade cloth by yardage and in blankets called kanthas. These beautiful fabrics are each handmade, unique, and bursting with color. Consider using these versatile fabrics as a throw-in your living room or bedroom, or even as a table setting.

Hand & Cloth fabric color palette

2. Tilton Fenwick

This modern, colorful twist on a traditional floral pattern comes from the dynamic duo Tilton Fenwick. Their design firm, described as “built on a traditional aesthetic with a fresh perspective”, has been featured in numerous publications, from The New York Times to House Beautiful, and never shies away from using an abundance of color and pattern. Take a page out of their book, and don’t be afraid to fill your home with colorful fun.

Tilton Fenwick fabric color palette
Courtesy of Tilton Fenwick

3. Marimekko

The Finnish design house Marimekko has been rolling out bold, inventive patterns since 1951. Their unusual graphic design is surprisingly sleek and modern. These bold colors would make wonderful accent walls or even trim; their patterns are available in a range of products, from fabric to home accessories, giving you the perfect opportunity to weave the Marimekko playfulness throughout your home.

Marimekko fabric color palette

4. Mark D. Sikes

Mark Sikes is an American designer known for combining both American and European styles. He partnered with Schumacher Fabrics to create designs like this elegant pattern.

Mark D. Sikes fabric color palette
Courtesy of Mark Sikes

Feeling inspired by any of these beautiful fabric patterns? Or want to highlight colors in your favorite fabric pattern? Connect with 360° Painting at (866) 496-0092 today.