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The Perfect Paints for She Sheds and Man Caves

She sheds and Man CavesYour home is a place of peace and unity, where the family gathers to be together and enjoys each other’s company. Right?

Sometimes you need your own space to gather your thoughts and relax, sometimes you need a “man cave” and a “she shed”; his and hers spaces that help maintain the overall tranquility in your home. But what should she-sheds and man caves look like?

man cave is often a place where guys can hang out and be comfortable, a place that inspires confidence and comfort.

  1. This man cave from Sherwin-Williams uses a matte black, a dark color with an unusual finish that gives the space an intimate feeling where you can imagine the clinking of ice and smoky late-night conversations.

room with black painted walls

Sherwin-Williams pictured color Tricorn Black

  1. Dark and brooding, make sure your man cave has the right paint and lighting combination, like this one from Homepolish. The dark light and light features create a confident space to retreat to at the end of a long day.

Black textured wall paper with blue couch and metal accent decor

Photo Credit: Homepolish

  1. A man cave isn’t a man cave without a form of entertainment like a pool table and an industrial-inspired accent wall. Mixing warm elements like the natural wood floors with industrial ones give this man cave an edgy, youthful feel

man cave with pool table, tv and couch

Photo Credit: Homepolish


Sherwin-Williams carries products that update old concrete so you can add this industrial feel to your man cave.

concrete and wood designed space

Marbling, staining and slip-resistant stains for concrete are all available through Sherwin-Williams.

And what is a she shed? It’s a newer trend than a man cave but not any less important. A she shed can be literally an outdoor shed, or a set-apart room, specifically for the women of the household. It’s a tranquil space for women to retreat, relax and refresh.

  1. This she shed from House Beautiful is light, airy and a perfect combination of natural wood and sparkling white. A clear space for reflection, reading and “me time”!

image of a white and wood detailed she shed

Photo Credit: House Beautiful

  1. If you decide to build an outdoor shed or to re-purpose an old one, choosing a cheery neutral can set the mood for the inside.

yellow outdoor she shed in the snow

Photo Credit: Flower Patch Farmhouse

living space with yellow paint

We suggest Sherwin-Williams Decisive Yellow to create a cheerful mood inside and out!

  1. And finally, the purpose of your she shed will determine the color you use. This example from Lowe’s is a yoga studio; they use a centering gray to encourage your yoga practice.

outdoor she shed with grey tones

Photo Credit: Lowe's


“Repose Gray” from Sherwin Williams is a great option.

Sherwin Williams Repose Gray paint swatch