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The Secrets Behind Exterior Paint

The Secrets Behind Exterior PaintWith school ending, the temperatures rising and the days lengthening, we all know that summer is just around the corner.  Your list for the summer keeps getting longer and longer: charcoal, sunscreen, flip flops, iced tea aaaaaaaand exterior paint.

When you’re prepping for the summer, you can’t ignore the wind-ravaged shutters, the peeling paint and the generally weather-beaten exterior of your home that valiantly survived the winter. 360° Painting not only knows how to best apply exterior paint, but they also use the highest quality paints for your home, like PPG Paints. Today, several senior managers at PPG chime in with the secrets behind exterior paint.

Paint CanJohn Trenta, PPG senior marketing manager, points out that exterior painting is often “more time-consuming and difficult than interior painting.” Don’t risk having to re-do your exterior by cutting corners; use the best painters and the best paint from the very beginning. One of the paints that 360° Painting relies on is PPG. According to John, they have recently “relaunched several exterior premium products that leverage advanced resin technology to provide long-lasting protection for both residential and commercial properties. This new resin platform provides excellent adhesion on a variety of exterior surfaces, great dirt resistance to keep surfaces clean, and flash rust resistance to ensure rust stains won’t bleed through the paint.” Some of the exterior paints, like PPG Paints Timeless exterior paint, are also environmentally friendly with VOC levels less than 50 g/L.

It is also important to factor in the weather, according to Jenny Burroughs, senior product marketing manager at PPG. Paint cannot be applied in direct sunlight; heavy dew in the morning, or unexpected summer rainstorms, can challenge painters. She recommends PPG’s SidingSafe technology paint, which provides a broad spectrum of choices for a variety of outdoor surfaces like aluminum, composite, concrete, fiber, vinyl siding and trim.

Exterior painting is challenging, but definitely necessary, as your home shrugs itself free from the confines of winter. 360° Painting takes your home and your style seriously; we choose only the best paints to give you the best results.