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2019 Trends Prediction

On the blog today we focus on an ICFF Roundup to create a prediction for the hottest trends of 2019.

Even though its technically close to the end of the calendar year, October feels like a time when people are looking ahead. You plan for your kids to have a successful year at school, you plan your holiday schedule and you dream for the summer vacations that await. People are on the move as they prepare to sell their homes and move to new cities. They’re starting jobs and experiencing new things. Even though fall is the waning of the year, it is also a time of crisp air full of the possibilities for tomorrow.

Experts make color predictions this time of year.

Color predictions both reflect the current popular mood and influence the development of fashion, home-wares and even food! PPG is the earliest company to release its predictions; they chose an emerald-hued dark green called Night Watch that is a peaceful answer to a “disruptive” tech-saturated world.

Chair and woven basket and text that says 2019 Trends PredictionMajor paint companies aren’t coming up with their predictions alone – many travel places and consult with other experts. PPG hosted an intensive retreat where 20 experts brainstorm sociological changes, the political and cultural climates and what’s happening in design. After this intensive process they choose their color. Benjamin Moore experts visited 30 cities in 12 countries to really take the “pulse” of the world.

Many of these companies will be in touch with thought leaders in other design-centered industries. Through industry shows like the ICFF, people across industries collaborate with and learn from one another.

The ICFF is a contemporary furniture and design fair held every May in New York City. There are thousands of exhibitors and tens of talks from leading design specialists.

As all homeowners know, your house is not made up of just one element.

The paint enhances the architecture of the house which influences the furniture and hardware you choose. We in the paint industry can learn a lot from design fairs like the ICFF. It can help decide what the 2019 trends are going to be.

For example, one talk “Looks Matter! The powerful role decor plays in the real estate market”, discussed the connection between real estate and decor. This panel discussion included Cheryl Eisen, an interior design powerhouse in the NYC real estate market. She created her multi-million dollar business by understanding that home buyers want to fall in love with the home that is there not the home that could be there with a little renovation. Her key insight was to make the home move-in ready. “It takes a whole bunch of things to sell real estate,” she says.

We can learn that your paint color really does matter when you’re choosing to sell your home. It is worth spending the money to prepare your home for the market – it pays off big time.

living room with emerald and neutral accents

Cheryl sticks to neutrals for the big living areas when staging homes, like this dark gray example.

Jon Strassner, the Director of Workplace Strategy at the green-focused design company Humanscale, gave another hint into the 2019 color trends. He discussed how companies are focusing more on being eco-friendly and reducing their carbon footprint. The future of this trend he says is not just doing “less bad” but rather adding to the good by giving back.

We can understand several things from his talk. The first is an affirmation that the work that 360 Painting does in their communities. Owners like Erech Gallatin in Minneapolis regularly give back to their communities. They do well by doing good.

The second is that LEED certified buildings will continue to grow as an important part of the real estate and construction markets. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is an internationally recognized green building certification system. They provide third-party verification that a building meets standards aimed toward stewardship of the environment. Eco-friendly paint with low or zero VOC will continue to be an important aspect of the movement towards protecting our environment.

A third understanding is that an awareness of the earth and of our responsibility affects the colors that dominate 2019. The neutral color palette will continue to expand, including colors like pale mustard yellows and sage greens.

And finally, understand how the ICFF shapes trend predictions by looking at the design pieces that stood out. From these, distill color palettes that reflect the common design “theme”.

Leading design expert Architectural Digest chose several stand-out pieces; using this curated list we pulled three objects that give the best hints for what is to come.

grey themed living space with unique fireplace installation

This “Vita Fireplace” from Canadian firm CF+D upends traditional ideas of fireplaces: instead of being grounded, it descends from the ceiling and in contrast to the brick-bulk, its sleek metal design with pleasing curves introduces a new era of fireplaces.

Wyandotte Guest Chair by Skram Furniture Co.

This Wyandotte Guest Chair by Skram Furniture Co. is a mix of natural and metallic materials, curves and sharp edges. It is a modernized style with roots in the Art Deco era. This unique mix conveys both a disruption and continuity of tradition.

Wall outlet design by Buster and Punch

This is part of the Electricity collection by Buster + Punch, a series of light switches, dimmers, outlets and other electrically-connected elements that are inspired by vintage guitars and amplifiers. This is yet again both a disruption and a continuation of tradition; by transplanting this look to the wall and bringing it into everyday life, these vintage switches take on a whole new life.

What color predictions can we make from these three objects?

All three represent disruptions in tradition and are the result of a creativity of re-birth, re-thinking objects or traditional modes of being in radical new ways. They are examples of moving away from natural materials to the sleek man-made. All resist sheen in favor of matte.

Our next several posts will focus on our color predictions that are tied in with these trends found at ICFF. Make sure to tune in!