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How To Throw the Best Thanksgiving Party

How to Throw the best Thanksgiving PartyDon’t Panic.

Thanksgiving is merely weeks away but the important thing to remember is not to panic. With 360° Painting by your side and with this handy guide, Thanksgiving will set the tone for the rest of the holiday season: nothin’ but smooth sailing, contented family and friends and a truly beautiful home.

Again: Don’t Panic.

Follow this handy guide to get everything prepared to have the best Thanksgiving yet.

5 Weeks Out:

Schedule a free consultation with your local 360° Painting to get your exterior and interior in tip-top shape. To prepare for the holiday season you don’t have to re-do your entire home; no need to add “choosing a new color scheme” to your to-do list! Instead, focus on returning your home to all her glory. That means refreshing key areas.

In the exterior pay attention to your trim, shutters and door. These can seem like small details but by re-doing the paint, or choosing a new trim color, can make your whole home look refreshed. And, with winter coming, a coat of paint can protect the wood and save you money in the long-run. Remember, the first thing your guests see is your front door. Be sure to make a good impression.

House Exterior with pumpkins on the porch
Photo courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

In the interior, check high-traffic areas like your kitchen, doorways and living room. The paint in these areas gets the most wear-and-tear. This is also where you will entertain! When painting these zones, consider going with a high-quality paint made for areas just like these. Go with a gloss finish to repel dirt or use Sherwin-Williams Emerald Paint which is made for keeping these high-traffic areas look great for years to come.

Living Room

Make an appointment for 360° Painting to come and rejuvenate your house. Rest assured that they’ll stick to your agreed-upon time-line and have everything ready for you to entertain.

3 Weeks Out:

Make a menu and stick to it. While magazines may be coming out with delicious looking recipes, don’t change your menu at the last minute. If you are trying out a new recipe, do a practice run this week. You’ll understand if you need to make any adjustments and your family will love getting a sneak-peek at the feast to come.

Table Setting
Photo Credit: Lanty

When making your menu, try including recipes or dishes that have significance in your family. Even if they aren’t the “traditional” Thanksgiving dishes, they hold important places in your family’s history. What better time than Thanksgiving to taste the goodness of your family?

Bring your linens to the dry-cleaner. This leaves both you and the dry-cleaner ample time to wash and iron your table linens and for you to forget to pick it up and then remember to in time for the holiday. Alternatively, wash and iron your own table linens. After they’ve been ironed you can hang them in your closet so they don’t get wrinkly but definitely get this chore out of the way before other, more important things, are stressing you.

Decide on flowers and put your order into the florist now! If you’re on a budget, we suggest ordering just a couple of key flowers for the table and buffet and plan on using natural foliage in addition. This a sweet mix and will cost you 1/4th of the price. We always like to be eco-friendly so we suggest choosing flowers that are in-season. Gerber daisies would look great paired with vibrant fresh foliage snagged the day-of Thanksgiving.

Cranberries and a plant
Photo Credit: Jennifer Pallian

2 Weeks Out:

Go grocery shopping ­now. Get all of your non-perishable goods or fresh goods that have a long shelf-life (e.g. potatoes). Going now will beat the crowds and allow you to shop at your leisure, using coupons and saving money! Now is also a great time to buy whatever drinks you’ll serve on Thanksgiving. Don’t worry if you don’t have refrigeration space – most drinks (e.g. wine, beer, sparkling apple cider) are fine if stored in a cool, not cold, space.

5 Days Before:

Buy the turkey (!!!) and check one more time with your friends and relatives if there are any special dietary needs. Asking ahead encourages them to be honest with you which saves you and your sous chef time and stress the day-of.

2 Days Before:

Buy all perishable goods you may need.

Set the table! Having this set saves you time and energy.

Set Dinner Table

The Day Before:

Prepare as many dishes ahead of time as you can. Brine the turkey, prepare the stuffing raw so all you have to do is pop it into the oven. Make any sauces you’ll want except for the gravy.

Apple Pie Supplies
Photo Credit: Andy Chilton

Thanksgiving Day:

At this point, all you’ll have to do is cook the turkey and a couple of dishes you couldn’t prepare the day before. Everything else will be ready to go so you can welcome guests with confidence into your home. And so you can sit back and enjoy the day as much as everyone else. (Definitely give dish duty to someone else!)

Hands cutting a pumpkin pie

We here at 360° Painting are grateful for all our partners, customers that we work with and the neighborhoods and communities we are proud to be a part of. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!