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2018 Color Trend Roundup

This Color Trend Roundup is to help you take stock of all the different color choices. Every year all the major paint companies and thought leaders in the color field take stock of both what is happening in the world of design and in the world at large. They distill the attitudes of the current situation and make a forecast of the trending color of the year. They then choose an accompanying palette of complimentary colors.2018 Color Trend Roundup

While not all trends are worth chasing after, these colors are carefully curated and have staying power.

In 2018, the colors-of-the-year across the board were bold saturated choices. These colors made a statement about the times in which we live and the homeowners who choose to use them.

Pantone is a leader in the field. Ironically, it one of the last companies to release their 2018 Color of the Year. They really do their homework, soaking in the current state of the world during their many travels. This year their chosen color, Ultra Violet, is a blue-based purple and a bright jewel tone that conveys both a sense of mystery and of wonder. Pantone cited the ideas of exploration and discovery as crucial underlying themes of this choice. Ultra Violet is a non-conforming color that signals an openness to a certain spiritual awareness . These are all aspects of the ingenuity and originality needed in 2018.

PPG was the first to announce their chosen Color of the Year.

It was a helpful clue as to what was to come. They chose Black Flame, a subtle color with an indigo undertone. This “timeless” color is what they call a “new neutral” that embodies a sense of class, privacy and hope. This color was chosen in reaction to the over-stimulation and infiltration of technology in our modern age. Black Flame signals privacy and a closeness to home.

2018 color of the year: Black Flame

Next up, Sherwin-Williams also chose a saturated jewel-tone – Oceanside a shifting color, just like the ocean that inspired this marine tone. It bridges both the known and unknown – blue is always familiar but when blended with the jewel-toned green it creates something just outside the grasp of the known. This color is, above all, versatile and harmonious.

The accompanying color palette brings out the versatility of Oceanside. It goes well with similarly-bright colors like Exuberant Pink or Honey Bees but also mellows beside blues like In the Navy and Adrift. Sherwin-Williams adds that it can also be the “ideal companion for corals and copper metallic tones because of its timeless association with nature.”

Color palette

And finally, Benjamin Moore wrapped up the bold-choice roundup with their energetic red Caliente.

Benjamin Moore experts also travel the world (over 30 cities in 12 countries!) to distill the current trends. Then they come up with one color of the year. Caliente is a dramatic color that signals both radical change and strength. It is an eye-catching color that one cannot help but be distracted by.

And here is part of their accompanying color palette which is filled with neutrals if that is more your style.

Benjamin Moore Color Palette

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Did you enjoy this roundup? Make sure to check back in later this month for a “How To” series on using these colors.