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Prep for the School Year (Study Nooks, Mudrooms & More)

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UHOH – it’s that time of year again!

Brush the sand off your feet, dust off those school backpacks and zoom through the summer reading list because the kids are going back to school! As you race around trying to get everything set for their first day back, take a second to step back and really evaluate what they’ll need to be successful this year. Beyond notebooks and pencils, soccer cleats and ballet shoes, what do your kids needs to be the best they can be? To excel in and out of the classroom?

They need SUPPORT! They need their families and their friends to have their backs but there’s one other important “thing” in their life…their home! Make sure your home can support your kids (and let’s be real, can support you during the whirlwind of a school year) so that 2018-2019 can be the best school year yet.

Make sure they have the right place to get their studying done

This may seem so obvious that it eludes your first brainstorm. Kids need a good place to study. According to the New York Times, kids with a routine around homework – a set time, place and way—to do their homework are more positive about overcoming challenges. In other words, having the kids plop down on the kitchen counter while you’re prepping dinner one day, while the next day they finish their math on the living room floor, isn’t a recipe for success in the long-run.

Carve out a space just for your kids and just for studying – a study nook!

Having a space all their own, that they help design and in which they can only study will create good “study hygiene” for the future.

Study Nook

A study nook should have ample light, space for the kids to spread out and of course, STORAGE for all their books and supplies. By keeping all school-related things in one space you also minimize the morning stress as they inevitably run around looking for their school books. You’ll know exactly where to look.

Work Station

Choice of color and finish is important in your kids’ study nook. Blue is often cited as a great color to encourage productivity while yellow boosts both optimism and creativity. Plus, make sure your kids have enough light by avoiding finishes that “suck” light, like matte. Go for a glossy finish to make sure as much light as possible is reflected. This protects little ones from straining their eyes and keeping them energized to power through their studying.

Study Space

Prepare to welcome the whirlwind of activity

Kids now-a-days are often racing from activity to activity: from band practice to soccer practice they’re constantly on the go. The sheer range of their activities means they have a lot of stuff . They’re constantly tracking in and out of the house. Rain or shine, your kids are coming and going and, far too often, bringing all the dirt and mud associated with their activities with them.

Solve both problems with one room: create a one-stop-shop for all the kids’ boots, coats, hats, cleats, tennis rackets, trombones and whatever else they need AND protect your home’s floors from mud, snow and whatever else the kids pick up.

A mudroom is an elegant solution. A space with tons of storage and easy-to-clean floors where the kids leave their stuff (and their dirt) before coming into your home. Think of it kind of like a staging room…for your kids.

Mud Room Mud Room

Keep up with their growing pace

Sherwin-Williams Enthusiast Paint Colors

And finally, your kids are growing up right before your eyes! Keep up with their growth spurts by updating their rooms. Fairies and Disney cartoons just don’t motivate a teenager to get out of bed in the morning. Work with your kids to choose a paint palette that will make them love their rooms (and help them start the day on a positive Sherwin-Williams Naturalist Paint Colors Sherwin-Williams “Naturalist”note!). We love the “Enthusiast” and “Naturalist” color families from Sherwin-Williams 2019 Color Trend Forecast.

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