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Circus Chic is the New Trend

Circus ShowThis April, the coolest way to paint your home is inspired by the whimsical, wonderful colors of the circus! What better way to invite people into your home than to literally open the doors of the “Big Top” Circus?

Using the primary colors – yellow, red, and blue – mixed with the joyous atmosphere of the circus is a nostalgic palette that will bring back fond childhood memories of clown cars, tightrope walkers, and bearded ladies. Expand your palette to include other traditional colors associated with the circus-like orange and neon green.

In order to really achieve the feeling of living “under the Big Top”, consider painting your living room with stripes of yellow and red to simulate a tent. Expand the lines onto the ceiling and using the trompe-l’oeil technique, create an optical illusion that you are actually in a tent!

Don’t stop with just paint – install a popcorn machine and a cotton-candy machine in the kitchen to really invite the smells of the circus into your home. Visual and olfactory cues will let every visitor have a truly immersive experience of the circus when invited into your home.


Don’t stay just in the living room but expand this theme to the rest of the house to create a true flow from room to room. Turn the kids’ bedrooms into classic sideshows – the lion trainer and the fortunate teller are just two examples – whose themes could be turned into a color palette. For the “fortune teller” room, hang heavy purple fabric on the walls, burn strange incense, and paint the ceiling with a replica of the night sky to create a “mysterious” environment. In the “lion trainer” room, don’t forget to include bars on the walls to contain the “lion”!

No matter your budget, Circus-Chic is an up-and-coming trend that is here to stay. Go all out and swap your normal cars for clown cars and adopt rescue zoo animals to complete the look. If you stick with loud, primary colors, neon signs, live elephants in the backyard, and a constant smell of stale popcorn, you too can create the perfect circus-chic home.

No matter your style, 360° Painting has your back! Even today, April Fools!

Circus tent