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Spring is here: Refresh your home, renew your life

Spring is Here. Refresh Your Home, Renew Your Life.With tulips pushing up and warm rain falling, the signs are becoming obvious: spring has sprung. With the coming of the new season, especially after this exceptionally harsh winter, comes possibilities to reconfigure both yourself and your home. The new spring is a great time to take stock of your life and decide where you want to bring a little fresh air. The same is true for your home! This is a great time to start planning your painting projects: the perfect opportunity to repair your home’s exterior after the damaging winter weather and the right inspiration to bring a new look into your home or office.

This spring, decide to work with your local 360° Painting on any number of paint projects to shake off the dregs of winter and welcome the spring and summer with wide-open arms. It’s time to decide: spring is here, refresh your home!


Your poor home has taken a beating from the winter winds, icy precipitation, and poorly-aimed snowballs from the neighborhood kids. For much of the country, painting has to be halted during the winter months due to falling temperatures. With the first gust of spring, now is the opportunity to re-paint the trim, re-pair the shutters, and renew your home.

When choosing an exterior paint during the spring season, it’s important to choose the right paint adapted to the season – spring temperatures can still be unpredictable.

We partner with Sherwin-Williams to be able to provide the highest-performing paint for your home. In this situation, Sherwin-Williams experts suggest using latex exterior paint, like Duration, Resilience, or SuperPaint. These products can be applied and will cure at lower temperatures, as low as 35° F. Traditional latex-based paints need temperatures above 60° F to cure properly. Warmer temperatures are needed to allow the latex particles to coalesce, or melt together.

Don’t forget to touch-up those battered shutters! Winter wind can whip your shutters out of shape. A new coat of paint will not only make your home exterior look fresher, but will also protect the wood of your shutters from the unforgiving summer sun. Consider changing the color of your shutters as a subtle way to incorporate a new, fun trend without the risk of painting an entire room.

Building Exterior

As you spruce up trim and shutters, don’t forget about the first and most-important statement that your exterior makes: the front door. The color of your front door has a major impact on how guests feel welcomed and how the family feels about coming home. Sherwin-Williams color expert, Sue Wadden, recommends Parakeet green, Soar blue, and Decisive Yellow to welcome guests and embrace family members.

Door Painted Green

Door Painted Blue


When it comes to your interior, choosing now to paint is less out of necessity and more out of the deep urge to break free from the winter prison. As you do a deep spring cleaning, dusting the baseboards and washing the windows, pay attention to the areas of high-traffic in your home like the kitchen, the hallways, and the living room. These are the spaces that often receive the most “love” (aka wear-and-tear) so be prepared to choose a new neutral to touch up these areas.

The new neutrals are a set of “neutrals” that aren’t the outdated shades of beige and white. These neutrals are much more authentic and connected with nature. The Sherwin-Williams “Naturalist” palette features colors like “Misty” that tie a home together while also bringing in a breath of fresh spring air.

Home Interior

In fact, if you like the idea of getting back to nature, but want a more unique color, we suggest trying the earthy, authentic “Canyon Clay” – the 2019 Color of the Year from Sherwin-Williams. Described as bringing any space “to life,” this just might be the perfect remedy to dreary, monotone winter days.

Home Interior Painted Orange and White

But if these colors aren’t working, you can literally bring nature’s color palette into your home through the ColorSnap Visualizer.

This incredible tool allows you to match colors from nature with the vast Sherwin-Williams color choices. If you love mountain springs and blooming fields, try colors like “Poseidon,” “Jargon Jade,” and “Forward Fuschia.”

Spring Color Palette

Sherwin Williams Color Palette

The possibilities for renewal are endless this spring!

Whether working on the exterior, welcoming a new color on your front door, or refreshing your interior with nature-inspired colors, there are so many things you can do to spruce up your home. Shake off the icicles of winter and embrace the home that you love – let it reflect your personality through new colors and a new coat of paint. Spring is here, refresh your home!

When you work with the 360° Painting professionals, you know that you’re in good hands. With experience, worth ethic, and a priority on customer service, your local 360° Painting makes sure that your home is a place that you look forward to returning to. Call (866) 496-0092 to schedule your free consultation today.