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Royal Nursery Predictions

Royal Nursery PredictionsBy now you’ve probably at least heard­ about the upcoming royal baby, if not followed along Meghan’s (oh, sorry, the Duchess of Sussex) every move. If you haven’t well…where have you been?! Here’s a quick re-cap: Meghan Markle married Prince Harry in the spring of 2018 and announced at her cousin-in-law’s, Princess Eugenie’s, wedding just a couple months later that they were expecting.

The most exciting part about this whole thing is of course…the royal nursery. What will it look like? What color theme will Meghan choose? What kind of crib will they choose? So in honor of the royal baby hype, we are happy to go through some of our favorite nurseries from several interior designers. Don’t be afraid to get inspired – contact a 360° Painting professional representative to set up your free consultation today.

1. Windsor Palace, Updated

Blue Nursery
Courtesy of Amy Berry Design

We’re naming this style after the traditional home of the British Royal Family but with a fully 2019 twist. This brilliant room comes from designer Amy Berry who used both traditional and modern influences. She went traditional with the general shapes in the room, note the shape of the curtains and the curtain boxes, and with the color — you can’t go wrong with this periwinkle blue. But she also mixed in untraditional elements like the highly-detailed wallpaper and clear plastic crib. We love how she kept the sense of tradition with the white bookshelf but kept it from being too stale with a piece of modern furniture.

2. Expanding the British Empire

White Nursery
Courtesy of Homepolish

If you’re familiar with British history, or really, with American history, then you well-know the British love of empire. This nursery by the design firm Homepolish would prepare the new member of the royal family to rejuvenate the once-vast British empire beyond simply the terrestrial bonds and beyond into the cosmos. Meghan and Harry’s new baby can chart a new course for the Brits among the stars.

3. The Hipster Prince

Courtesy of Veneer Designs

While Harry was raised in the lap of luxury, Meghan is a self-made woman who lived and worked for a long time in California. She has a unique sense of style and of self, something completely different from the world of British prep schools that ensconce the lives of the rest of the royal family. This is a laid-back nursery from Veneer Designs is for if Meghan wants to build a laid-back more normal childhood, more like her own, than that of Harry’s. The multiple textures, whimsical wallpaper and pom-pom curtains would nurture a very laid-back royal baby — More California than House of Windsor.

4. Out of Balmorale

Courtesy of 100 Layer Cake-let

Photo Credit: 100 Layer Cake-let

If you are not the same level of royal-watcher that I am, then you may not recognize the reference of this wild and wonderful nursery. Balmorale is the Scottish estate where Princess Diana and Prince Charles spent time during their honeymoon. This nature-inspired nursery could be a way that Prince Harry and Meghan can remember Harry’s mom, Princess Diana. The wild wallpaper and natural woods of the crib certainly make this a type of nursery that no other royal has.

5. A Respite from Royal Duties

Courtesy of Amy Berry Design

And of course, what if Meghan and Harry just want to be able to give their child a quiet, peaceful place to grow and be nurtured, away from the hectic pace of royal life. This is another example from Amy Berry about what a modern retreat could look like for the newest royal baby or for the royal baby in your life. Mixing modern elements like the gold table and lamp, along with soothing new neutrals, this quiet space allows intimate bonding between the parents and the child (and perhaps even for mom or dad to take a quick nap!) with the comfortable yet stylish chair and ottoman. This space has natural elements that make it feel more restful, even though Meghan and Harry’s home in the center of London must be a busy place!

Did you see a design element you liked in this nurseries? Want to paint a grey-based neutral blue in your royal baby’s nursery or install whimsical wallpaper in their playroom? Be pampered like a royal when you work with the 360° Painting Professionals.