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The Power of Neutrals

The Power of NeutralsWe believe in the power of neutral color.

We love to highlight trending colors and new ways of styling homes. We believe that investing in your home with new paint is a way to create a space that will become your safe space for years to come. Bold colors are always exciting and creative ways to inject a serious amount of personality into your living spaces or office.

But at the same time, we know that your home is a place of relaxation, repose and rest. Bold colors can look great but they also can be overwhelming. That’s why it is so important to have a strong base in a neutral color that can balance texture, pattern and bold color.

Don’t panic.

We’re not talking about the boring and dated beiges that seem to reflect the gathering dust as the years pass. One of the recent developments in paint color (yes! It’s a field that really develops!) is that the understanding of “neutral” has expanded. If you want to use a neutral color, you are no longer forced to choose between “white” and “sand”. Neutrals are powerful in 2019.

 Take a look at some energetic neutrals and neutral-bold combinations that can make your home completely refreshed this February.

The 2019 Benjamin Moore Color Trends Palette

Color Palette

The Benjamin Moore Color Trends Palette is the perfect example of balancing bold, characteristic colors, with mellow neutrals. Take for example Hale Navy – this is far from a boring beige but still acts as a neutral because of the grey-based color. It has character and strength but also the ability to tie a bold color into the rest of the home or to act as a soothing backdrop for the textured, detailed design of your furniture.

Because of the strong showing of neutrals in this palette, Benjamin Moore invites homeowners to “find their calm” with this palette!

Pastel Neutrals

The word “pastel” used to conjure scary images of cotton candy and overly-sentimental nurseries. The word “pastel” in 2019 conjures up images of delicately-colored walls and flexibly comfortable living spaces. Using pastel greens, purples or pinks as “neutrals” allows you to build layers of interesting textiles or experiment with different fabrics, like wicker or chic metals.

Re-thinking the classics

Room with Neutral Paint Colors

And finally, one of the great ways to innovate is by not forgetting where you come from. Farrow & Ball is leading the way in reimagining the classic neutrals. Even…beige! Their version, “Jitney” has a grey undertone, similar to the Benjamin Moore Hale Navy above, which updates it for 2019. Instead of looking dated, Jitney is a warm color that manages to balance being simultaneously familiar and sophisticated.

Don’t see a neutral on this list that you like? Keep in mind that one of the ways neutrals are being refreshed is by giving them a different color base. Instead of being yellow-based, which can fade and look “dirty” over time, they have a grey-base. So when choosing your own new neutral, look for grey-based neutrals.

When you work with the 360° Painting Professionals, you not only work with their superior painting skills but also with their color expertise! Call today for your free consultation, (866) 496-0092.