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2018 Trends Prediction

As we begin to look ahead to 2018, maybe you’re thinking that it is finally the right time to paint the kitchen cabinets, to touch up the exterior trim or to do something creative in your office. Why stick with the same routine color when you could let 360° Painting update your home with some of the trendiest color palettes or projects coming directly from the cutting edge of interior design, like ideas from the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF)?

2018 Trend Prediction

According to HomePolish (check out their original article “Homepolish’s ICFF Trends Roundup”) there are some rather contrasting trends coming up in 2018. Several designers “upcycled” (another term for taking an old piece of furniture and rehabilitating it) while other designers chose to focus on globular, light-filled, sleek and futuristic looks. Taking inspiration from these furniture trends, we can begin to get a glimpse of what the 2018 Color palette might look like.

  1. Sleek and futuristic

PPG is leading the way in this home décor attitude. In a move clearly influenced by the current political and cultural chaotic rush, their 2018 color of the year, Black Flame, creates “silence…in an information-heavy world” and brings “modern luxe” to any space. Black Flame is the ultimate statement color and immediately adds a level of gravitas and modernity to whichever accent wall, door or cabinet you decide to use it on. By creating a sleek modernity, the color allows softly-colored furniture and fabric to stand more independently in any space.

2018 Color of the Year: Black Flame

Glidden and Olympic both chose similar dark, sleek colors to highlight in 2018. Their colors, Deep Onyx and Black Magic, respectively, also focus on bringing quiet, dramatic vibes to your home.

At the International House + Housewares show in March, Leatrice Eisman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute keynoted where she previewed the dominant color palettes for 2018. “Intensity” is the response to the comfort pastel palette. “If we are looking for newness, we know that more intensity is coming into play, and more intensity of course means some darker shades.” A more contemporary palette, Intensity exudes a “a certain strength, a certain power, a certain depth and sophistication”.

“Black does play an important in this palette,” she said, “because when you talk about intensity, of course black needs to be included.”

  1. Upcycled

According to Sherwin-Williams, the newest color trends aren’t necessarily colors, but rather the “spirit of contemporary life”. The third spirit, “Sincerity”, is the perfect feeling with which to “upcycle” your kitchen cabinets in 2018. The basis of “Sincerity” is a return to simplicity, an unfiltered embrace of clean lines and easy-breezy combinations. What better application of “Sincerity” than to update and cleanse your cluttered kitchen, transforming your old wooden cabinets into bright accents, creating a space for gathering family and friends, not for dumping junk mail.

Pantone agrees with Sherwin-Williams and has chosen eight thematic palettes that will be game-changers in 2018. The “Discretion” palette “offers a new sense of strength” and uses pink with surprising force. Pantone is some ways “upcycling” pink! Pink kitchen cabinets anyone?

Eisman also incorporated the importance of this trend in her keynote: “The whole idea of reclaimed and rescued wood is so important going forward.”


(Image Credit: Dialect)

Some of the leaders in the design industry have begun to set the trends for our home fashion in 2018. What do you think? What will be the next big color of the year? Will it be bright and simple, or dark and dramatic? What color does 2018 need?