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How to care for your outdoor spaces

How to care for outdoor spacesKnowing how to care for your outdoor spaces sets you up for success in the long-term and helps you enjoy your home, even more, this summer!

With the long days and warm nights of summer comes the irresistible urge to be outdoors! Whether it’s sitting on the porch with a cool glass of sweet tea, hosting dinner on the patios as you listen to the cicadas, or even playing water games with your kids in the yard, there are so many reasons to be outside this summer.

When you go outside, you know that you should protect yourself against the sun and elements: slathering on sunscreen, wearing a hat, donning sunglasses, and, for some of us, taking allergy medication to combat all the pollen. If you know to protect and care for yourself in the summer, shouldn’t you also be taking care of your home?

Knowing how to care for the outdoor spaces of your home is crucial

Taking care of your home is an investment in your family’s future. By taking the time and investing the money now in upkeep and protection, you save time, worry, and money in the long-run. There are several areas in your home’s exterior that you should focus on maintaining and caring for this summer.

Concrete areas

Concrete is durable and long-lasting but it can look ugly and ultimately bring down the value of a home if not properly cared for. By investing in concrete staining you are not only giving yourself extra entertainment space, but also creating a long-term investment in your home’s curb appeal and, ultimately, market value. 360° Painting can stain patios, walkways, basement floors, garage doors, and even concrete walls that lift the value of your home. Concrete staining is advanced and can pack a punch.

We’re big fans of the H&C Cool Feel concrete stain & sealer. Its advanced technology actually keeps concrete cooler to the touch and stain-resistant. It’s the perfect addition to concrete exposed to sun and to pool water — its composition is resistant to the chemicals found in pools so it won’t degrade and will keep working summer after summer.Hand Painting Concrete

Deck and fencing

Wooden areas, either natural or painted, can start to look weathered after years of freezing during the winter, and expanding during the hot summer months. Your deck and fencing are even more noticeable when you’re spending more time in your yard and relaxing on your deck. You can test whether or not your deck needs to be stained or sealed by pouring water on it – if the water beads up, your deck is sufficiently protected. However, if the water soaks right into the wood, this is a bad sign and you need to have it sealed or stained immediately to prevent long-term damage.

The exterior of your home

Of course, an important investment in the long-term care of your home is in the general exterior: the siding, the trim, the shutters, and the front door. Summer is the best time to paint your home because once the temperatures drop below a certain point, paint won’t dry properly. You need relatively dry weather and warm temperatures to properly paint your home – summer is the best time to get it down. When you decide to paint your home’s exterior with 360° Painting, we follow specific guidelines and procedures to make sure that your home is well taken care of. In addition to offer color consultation and sampling we also:

  • Protect all plants, outdoor furniture, and grills;
  • Remove and paint all shutters;
  • Wash the home with biodegradable detergent to remove dirt and mildew;
  • Scrape and feather-sand to remove old paint;
  • Caulk and putty to repair surface issues;
  • Deal with minor carpentry repairs; and
  • Properly apply separate paint coats and trim.

Remember, taking care of your home on your schedule saves you nasty surprise maintenance issues in the future and allows you to fully enjoy the beauty (and market value!) of a well-kept home. Trust the painting professionals this summer to make your home shine like new.

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