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How to Prepare for Memorial Day

How to prep for Memorial DayMemorial Day is just around the corner which means that it’s time to prepare your home – both indoors and out – for friends, picnics, lawn games, and sweet sweet summertime! The weather is warming up and the lure of the sun is pushing your entertainment outdoors. But as you head outside, you’ll also start noticing the wear-and-tear that Jack Frost brought to your home this winter.

To best prepare for Memorial Day, 360° Painting knows exactly how to repair the winter blues and to set yourself and your family up for a wonderful long weekend and the perfect kickoff to the summer!

Your first step should be checking out our Spring “Cleaning” guidelines. Following this guide will help you uncover problem areas in your home that you might not notice until the rotting wood and peeling paint on your home’s exterior is hard to miss. In this guide, we cover all the essentials for what you should touch up to ensure that your home recovers from the winter and presents well to your guests during the summer.

Start by paying particular attention to the exterior details.

These could have been worn down during winter like the door, the shutters, and the outdoor trim. Either re-paint them the original colors or choose a long-lasting exterior paint like Sherwin-Williams Emerald Exterior Acrylic Latex Paint.

Next, think about where you want to host your guests. Don’t keep them cooped up indoors – take advantage of the great weather! Re-stain or re-paint your porch before your guests come. This will not only look impressive, but will also protect the wood of your porch or deck from the sun and the summer elements.

When you’re touching up your home, consider choosing some of the season’s trendiest colors. Trends can sound like a poor choice for your home unless you work with quality, traditional paint companies like Sherwin-Williams. Our partnership with Sherwin-Williams means that we trust their classic, quality paint and we know that you’ll love it too.

We really like the April Color of the Month, Blue Sky. It’s airy and quiet, but fresh and innovative at the same time.

You can even decide your new paint scheme based on images that remind you of the summer season.

By using the Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap tool on our website, you can match your favorite photo of the summer or of a swath of fabric that you love and bring those vibes into your home.

Color Palette

If you love to host, this may also be the perfect time to apply your favorite colors to the guest bathroom. This space can get forgotten, but it plays a major role in how your guests remember your home! Spruce it up with a new color and a sparkling white trim – the investment goes a long way!

360° Painting is committed to making your communities strong! Our partners include proud U.S. veterans, and this Memorial Day, we want to thank all of them and the veterans who served and gave their lives to preserve our freedom.

Experience for yourself the community-centric values of 360° Painting by calling for your free consultation today! (866) 496-0092.