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360° Painting partners give back to their communities

360° Painting of Naperville and 360° Painting of Central VA collaborated with Premium Service Brands’ non-profit, Kids-Lift, to give back to their communities in big ways. Both franchise partners hosted school supplies drives for local schools in early August to ensure that the kids in their communities had the best start to the new school year.

Brian & Roxanne Conrad made the event a family affair.

360 painting male employee with baby volunteering 360° Painting of Naperville kicked off the school year with back-to-school supplies benefiting local Owen Elementary School and the greater Indian Prairie Unit District 204 in general. Brian and Roxanne Conrad, owners of 360° Painting of Naperville, raised supplies with their newborn daughter outside of the local Office Depot for the Indian Prairie District.

The school district is always happy to welcome donations to support their neediest students. In the district, there are over 200 homeless students and 17% of their students are classified as low-income. In particular, these students are at-risk of not being able to fulfill their academic and personal potential.

For Roxanne Conrad, this type of charity work is a natural extension of being part of the business community — and a new mom.

“For some families school supplies are going to be last on the list of budgeted expenses, and it can be tough for a child showing up for the first day of school without the required supplies,” Roxanne Conrad said. “Knowing that 50 kids or more were able to start off the year with a backpack and school supplies, that they may not have otherwise had access to, and being able give them a great start to their school year is truly rewarding.”

360° Painting of Central VA tabled in Charlottesville

Justin with some of the donated school suppliesThough new to Charlottesville, Justin already feels at home and grateful to his local community. Originally from Texas, the Southern hospitality and generosity is close to his heart. Justin has loved the welcoming community he’s found both in Charlottesville and in Harrisonburg. He welcomes the friendly conversations and great interactions he gets to have with clients and contractors all day long.

“We talked to at least 100 people on Saturday morning — some wanted to know about Kids-Lift but some were also just interested in how my local businesses run!” said Justin about the donation drive held on the morning of August 3rd. “It was such a great opportunity to talk with my neighbors and community members and to come together to support the kids right before they go back to school.”

Justin and Josh were joined by members of the Premium Service Brands corporate staff who were thrilled to help staff the two tables at Barracks Road Shopping Centre. Ten members of staff joined and kept morale high with cold bottled water and eagerness to meet and encourage people to support Woodbrook Elementary School for the five hours of the drive.

After the drive was over, Justin helped pack up and personally drop off 75 backpacks at Woodbrook Elementary School.

Kristen Williams, principal at Woodbrook Elementary School, was thrilled with the huge donation of items. Woodbrook has nearly doubled in size over the last two years and Williams was grateful for the community support.

“True to their mission of supporting local schools in our community, Kids-Lift made a pledge to run a supply drive for our school in order to provide students in need with backpacks full of the supplies for the coming school year,” said Ms. Williams. “In partnership with local businesses Maid Right and 360° Painting, they did just that! Together, we truly are better! I’m so thankful for the partnership and commitment of these dedicated people who are truly making a difference for the children in our community.”

We’re proud of our company-wide ethos that encourages giving back to our communities. We’re proud to not just be locally owned and operated businesses – we’re proud of being good neighbors. Learn more about Kids-Lift and how our parent company, Premium Service Brands, empowers all 360° Painting owners to engage in transformative service in their communities by visiting