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Prep for the start of the guest season

Kitchen image with Prep for the start of the guest seasonYou’ve probably never heard of the “guest season,” but it’s a phrase that we’re patenting right now: guest season is that special (and hectic) time of the year when your home starts feeling more like an open house and less like your home. With the start of the school year comes the kick-off to block parties, PTA meetings, team dinners, book club and more – add the influx of holiday guests (Thanksgiving! Christmas parties! New Years’ Eve!) and you’ll find that September is just the starting line of a four-month sprint.

Now is the time to start long-term entertaining planning.

Ask yourself: what projects in your home have you neglected to finish? Are the baseboards grey and dusty and ultimately besmirching the whole house? Have the shutters faded and chipped? Should you finish painting the guest bedroom – you know, that project you started two years ago?

September is the time of year when you should plan how to prep your house for guest season. Go beyond just vaguely thinking of seating charts and grocery plans – truly prepare your home to turn heads and elicit compliments from your guests.

There are a couple of key points to focus on at the start of the guest season.

First, use the last warm days of temperate weather to paint or stain your front porch.

Nothing makes a bigger impression than your guests’ first impression of your home. A porch that is peeling, chipping, splintering or (worse) molding is a bad way to welcome new friends, old pals, and family. Because exterior painting is limited by the temperature – most paint needs stable temperatures about 35° Celsius to set properly – this is your last chance until the spring to spruce up your front porch.

Second, focus on the small details to get your whole home up-to-speed.

You don’t have to choose an outrageous color to make a serious impact on your home as a whole. Paint fades over time and the scuffed-up hallway makes the whole entryway look dingy – investing in a new, long-lasting paint, even if the color remains the same or nearly-the-same, is an affordable upgrade with a big pay-off.

Third, get creative, not destructive.

Even though all the home makeover shows make tearing out kitchen cabinets seem really fun, the truth is that replacing and installing new cabinets is a huge hassle. The heavy time-investment, disruption of your routine, and just general construction dust often make the process frustrating and ultimately not worth it.

Skip the construction and save money while totally transforming your kitchen when you decide to paint your kitchen cabinets! Choosing a new color for the cabinets can completely renew the rest of the kitchen, including outdated flooring and less-than-ideal appliances, saving you money in the long-term. The detail-oriented process takes time and expertise – learn more about how 360° Painting can help with this process here.

No matter what you decide to do to prep your home for guest season, just make sure you do it with 360° Painting.

When 360° Painting commits to painting your home’s interior, we don’t just promise to provide superior professional results.

  • We promise to treat your home like our own, and your family with respect.
  • We work with you to ensure that we finish the job in a timely manner. With your busy life, you need to be able to rely on our agreed-upon schedule. We minimize interruptions to your life so you can enjoy your home – not live in a construction zone.
  • We make it easy to sell your house or move into a new one with paint projects completed within the agreed-upon timeline.  
  • We cover all our “angles,” from covering furniture to removing decorations and wall hangings.
  • Our partnerships with leading paint providers like Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, and PPG Paints mean that you have access to special pricing and superior products.
  • Using tools from our national partners, we offer color & product consultation.
  • Our diverse range of services gives you the broad capability and precise expertise needed for every corner (literally!) of your home. These are just some of the ways we can improve and beautify your home:
    • Cabinet painting
    • Door painting
    • Wood staining
    • Concrete staining
    • Popcorn ceiling removal
    • Baseboard touch-ups
    • Wallpaper removal
  • And most importantly of all, we promise to transform your home’s interior and to exceed your expectations.

Don’t lose one more minute living in a house that isn’t the home of your dreams. 

Call 360° Painting to help prep your home for the busiest, most joyful, season of the year!