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Posts from 2022

  • Trending Spring Colors Flowers are budding out, birds are building nests, and everything is turning green. With the world springing back into color, do not be left with a drab color this spring season. Our paint professionals at 360° Painting have identified the top trending interior paint colors ... Continue Reading
  • How to Make Your Painting Project More Eco-Friendly Both internal and external painting projects can generate a lot of waste if you’re not careful. From used paint cans to brushes to primers and excess paint, the carbon footprint of even small painting projects can be significant. In addition to that, certain paints are ... Continue Reading
  • Spring Checklist If you can see the flowers blooming and hear the birds singing, it must be…springtime! Yes, if the weather is warmer and if the days are longer, spring is almost here! Just as mother nature begins anew, you, too, can start afresh with the help of a spring checklist. From the ... Continue Reading
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