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3 Tips to Fool-Proof Color Selection

So your house needs a makeover – the paint is peeling, the shadows of old frames stand out on the wall, and your shutters have weathered too many winters. It’s time to start anew, and that means you have the opportunity to pick a new color for your home! While it may seem simple to choose a coordinating color palette, color design can be overwhelming and intimidating. To choose the best fool-proof colors for your home, follow these basic rules:

1. Take your time.

Talk with your 360° Painting team so that they can understand what you are looking for. They are the experts and have a wealth of knowledge and experience! Plus, you can get a free color consultation when you call us 1-866-99-PAINT.

2. Paint big samples and leave them up for a day.

Paint color depends on the light in your room and light changes throughout the day! Don’t be afraid to use big samples because you’re going to have to repaint anyway.

3. Use a color-matching tool.

If you have a fabric you are trying to match, use a tool like the Sherwin-Williams Color Snap app. This app can match the colors in your fabric sample. You can get to this directly from the 360° Painting website.

Bonus tip: Paint companies will often do the hard work for you!

Many paint companies will create palettes or collections that you can either adapt or completely use in your home. These palettes and collections are put together by experts and fit different moods and styles. Using a palette ensures that the colors go well together!

Try channeling the natural colors of your favorite state with the Sherwin-Williams “State Your Colors” Collection. This collection takes your favorite states and distills three complementary colors into a mini, state-based palette. We love both the Alaska palette with Gallant Gold, Mountain Air and Anchors Aweigh, and the Montana palette with Great Falls, Grizzle Gray, and Snowdrop.

Or if you’re looking for a trendier color palette, check out the 2020 Colormix Forecast with wonderful color collections like “Heart” described as “a meditation on comfort, connection, and the pleasures found in the everyday.”

No matter what you decide, we know that you’ll feel right at home when you choose one of these fool-proof color collections and when you work with 360° Painting! Give us a call at 866-99-PAINT.

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