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Author: choicelocal-admin

Goals for the New Year

The beginning of the year is always an exciting time. January brings new opportunities, new goals, and endless possibilities. No matter what goals you have in mind for this year, creating a home environment that empowers you to […]

360° Painting: The Painting Pros You Can Trust

At 360° Painting, we know how much you value your home. After you pour so much love and care into it, it’s important that your home’s aesthetic reflects your hard work. When you need something painted, you need […]

Refreshing Your Kitchen with a New Cabinet Color — 5 Reasons Why DIY Cabinet Painting is a Bad Idea

You’re ready to paint your kitchen and bathroom cabinets. One of the first things you must decide is whether to make this a DIY painting project or hire an experienced painter. It may seem like a simple task, […]

Creating the Perfect Guest Bedroom for Holiday Visitors: 3 Steps for Interior Painting Before In-Laws Arrive

Having guests like your in-laws in your home for the holiday can be a joyous occasion or end in disaster. Where your guests stay while visiting affects the overall experience, so carefully design your guest room to create […]

Trending Spring Colors

Flowers are budding out, birds are building nests, and everything is turning green. With the world springing back into color, do not be left with a drab color this spring season. Our paint professionals at 360° Painting have […]

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