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How 360° Painting Can Help You Sell Your House

Getting ready to put up the For Sale sign and officially list your home? Potential home buyers are going to be coming out in full force in spring, and you’ll want to be sure you’re ready for that open house.

Tactics as simple as touch-ups, fresh interior walls or choosing the optimal colors can reduce the time your home spends on the market and help you set a higher asking price. Call 360° Painting to try these ideas as you get ready to stage and photograph your home.

Touch up the walls. Years of hanging photos, moving furniture and the energy of children and pets have left their marks – quite literally – on your walls. Filling nail holes and applying a fresh coat of paint can produce more impressive photographs of your home and elevate the grandeur of your open house, especially if you’re going to stage it. In fact, according to the Zillow Group Report, most homes benefit from some TLC before going on the market, and 36% of sellers do this by repainting the interior of the home before selling.

Paint with fresh, neutral shades inside. Vivid colors can be striking, but also very polarizing, depending on the taste of the buyer. You want to give them an opportunity to picture themselves and their families in the home, and it can be difficult if your bright green walls are screaming the opposite of what they want.A clean white, cream or gray hue in most common areas of the home provides a fresh start for their imagination.

Give your house a facelift. Update the exterior, shutters and trim of your home; use the same colors to clean up any chipped edges or weather-worn patches, or don a new eye-catching shade that increases curb appeal.

Whatever your goals, 360° Painting is ready to help you prep your home for the market so you can make the most of your investment!