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How to Complement Paint and Furniture

Your home or office is so much more than just one specific element – there is no “one” element that brings the whole space together. Your home could be painted the perfect color but with mismatched furniture, the “perfect color” isn’t so perfect anymore! These interior designers demonstrate that the best paint can complement your furniture and vice versa! When you work with the experts at 360° Painting they’ll help you choose the paint that’s right for your home.

1. Dark and Sleek

Photo Credit: Brynn Olson Group

This simple-yet-sleek black open shelving compliments the gray color behind it. The black lines with brass details extend the color palette off the wall and tie it into the rest of the room. You can see the brass reflected even in the pillows on the couch in the foreground of the photo.

2. Burnt Orange and Sage Green

Photo Credit: Ben Pentreath

Pull an accent color from patterned fabric. The deep sage color on the walls leaps into the room with the patterned lampshade that perfectly draws from the wall and adds another color to the room’s palette, a dark burnt orange. You can see that these two colors, burnt orange and sage green, are used again in the fabric on the bed but in a different proportion, a perfect way to weave a color palette through a room.

3. Red, White & Blue

Photo Credit: Ashley Whittaker Design

The subtle blue and red wallpaper creates a wonderfully patriotic kids’ room! The striped chair with the star-covered throw pillow and the clean lines on the bedspread advance the fun theme of this childhood dream-room.

4. Salmon Spreads

Photo Credit: Ashley Darryl Interiors

This wonderful salmon color is translated into a floral headboard and patterned bedspread. Ashley Darryl Interiors perfectly matched the shade of salmon. If you need to perfectly match existing fabric, check out Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap tool for your phone so you can find the perfect shade on-the-go.

5. Yellow-Tinted Wood

Photo Credit: Amy Meier Design

This warm home takes a unique approach to the idea of coordinating furniture and paint. The natural wooden floor gives a yellow tint which Amy Meier design picks up and reflects in subtle yellow stripes on the ceiling the light-yellow door and window frame and the yellow-painted wood bed frame. The result is a generally warm glow and an inviting historic bedroom.

6. Dark and Moody

Photo Credit: Ashe Leandro

Paint can set the mood instead of just deciding the color palette, like in this energetic example by Ashe Leandro. The dark paint, in addition to the velvet chair and super-plush rug, gives the space a trendy, Maximalist feel.

7. Pretty in Pastel

Photo Credit: Amy Berry Design

The pattern in the wallpaper prevents the mint green from being too overwhelming. Instead, the chairs and the walls exist in a perfectly cohesive pastel environment.

So now that we’ve rounded up the most satisfying ways that paint, furniture and fabrics can work together, what are you waiting for? Get started transforming your home TODAY with 360° Painting when you call 866-99-PAINT. Your consultation is FREE – what’s stopping you?