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Prepare Your Home for Back-to-School With an Exterior Paint Job

Whether school starts in late August or early September, one guarantee is that Facebook will be filled with photos of kids standing in front of their homes, smiling excitedly for their first day. The obligatory first-day-of-school picture is a longstanding tradition that will be a heartfelt memory for years down the line. Make sure that as your child stands in front of your home, jittering with the anticipation of the new school year, its exterior is just as picture-perfect as their smile.

Investing in an exterior paint job for your home has many benefits. If the exterior is peeling or faded, it could be reducing your home’s curb appeal and diminishing the value of your investment. According to HGTV, people have already made assumptions about your home just from seeing its exterior. Set a good first impression before they even walk in the door.

Pay attention to all the different features that comprise your home’s exterior. While the paint on the siding may seem like the most obvious factor, also examine the smaller details on your home such as the trim, shutters, and the color of the front door. A fresh coat of paint can erase signs of wear and tear to give your home a fresh new look. Make sure to consider how existing elements will impact the final visual impression and consider consulting the experts.

Whether you decide to repaint your home’s entire exterior or simply want to freshen up its appearance with a new layer of paint on the trim, make sure to contact 360° Painting. We offer free design consultations so that your home can look its best. Contact today at 1-866-99-PAINT.