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Which Color Palette is Best for the Office?

Which Color Palette is Best for the Office?

The office doesn’t have to be a boring combination of snow white in eggshell; we are seeing more exciting trends and office plans, more open-office plans, more innovative ways to facilitate intra-office coordination and group work. One of the ways offices are changing are by taking color palettes more seriously. The way your office looks can and does affect productivity, creativity and office dynamics.

What should you consider when painting your office? Make sure to use trusted professional commercial painters, like 360° Painting, to get the job done right the first time so that you can get back to work too. Also, choose the right colors to make your paint job truly timeless. We consulted the paint experts at Sherwin-Williams to help you choose the best paint for your office.

Consider first that the colors you choose affect your mood.

Your type of business can also affect the colors you choose; more mellow colors are best for places where people should be calm (like doctors’ offices), while advertising agencies might choose more energetic colors. According to Sherwin-Williams experts, muted beige colors in cubicles can make women feel depressed. Color research suggests that the best office is a mix of blues and greens to promote cooperation and tranquility, with reds and oranges in conference room spaces for added energy.

Second, in an open-office environment, it can be helpful to have visual cues to identify the different departments within one space.

Sherwin-Williams calls these “punch colors” the bright colors that can cue visual interest and separate departments.

Third, avoid using busy patterns in order to contrast gently with the bright blue screens that most workers are focused on all day.

Try deep, simple, lines in your office instead.

For concrete color solutions, we suggest looking at some of the Sherwin-Williams 2019 Color Forecast “personalities”. These color “personalities” can give your office just the character you want to convey to both staff and potential customers. We are particularly excited about “Aficionado” which “evokes nostalgia and timeless tradition”. It is classy, professional and put-together! In fact, all of the photos used in this blog are from this color personality, demonstrating its diverse usage and many possibilities.

In addition to color, there are two types of paints that are crucial to enhancing productivity and ensuring office tranquility. First, find a low-odor paint that doesn’t disrupt the office flow. Sherwin-Williams now offers low-odor latex interior coating that can be used in the same office space where workers are present. When you want to enhance the productivity of your office through color, the paint job doesn’t detract from your goal.

Furthermore, it is all of our responsibilities to care for the environment; make sure you are doing so by choosing the right paint.  As offices “go green” with more efficient LED light, recycling and other energy-saving techniques, it is important that your office’s commitment to the environment extends to the paint you choose. 360° Painting uses high quality paint like Sherwin-Williams that offer low VOC formulas and are often used in LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified buildings.