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5 Tips for Painting High Walls and Ceilings

Are you planning to update your room's paint? Well, updating your home is one of the best ways to increase its value and update it without going through a very time-overwhelming remodel. Painting or repainting your ceiling can be a tough job, especially if you plan to do it independently. If you have extra high ceilings, then this could be more difficult.

High walls and ceilings are frequently neglected, but this can make your space stand out when given the proper attention. If you have finally decided on what you want for your ceiling, you might want to consider the following tips.

  1. Prepare the Room

Before applying any paint to your ceiling and walls, you must first prepare the room you wish to paint. Wrap the floor with some drop cloths and any vast pieces of furniture. For some small furniture, take them out of your room. Then, make sure to remove everything on the wall. This method will prevent any splatters from ending up on the furniture or floors.

  1. Use the Most Appropriate Equipment when Painting

The materials you need depend on your room's size and how tall the ceilings and walls are. For ceilings 10 feet and below, opt for long-handled rollers. However, some spaces may need a ladder to get to the ceilings and edges for painting. In some instances where the room is large, scaffolding is a necessity. This could be time-consuming and challenging. With this, you need professional assistance, and it is a good idea to hire a professional painter contractor.

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  1. Use the Best Type of Paint

Your ceilings do not get coated as frequently as walls. Therefore, it is essential to apply the proper ceiling paint. It is also essential to know that the color of ceiling paint can somewhat look gloomier than it looked when we painted it on the walls.

Matte or flat paint is the commonly used paint for ceilings. It provides you with the following advantages:

This ceiling paint can reflect more light into your room. White ceiling paints offer a high level of light to your room, creating a brighter space.

Matte or flat sheen enhances the overall appearance of a limitless wall. This also hides any imperfections far better than the glossy paint.

Matte paint and white offer a limitless view that the eyes find it difficult to focus on. When you look briefly on a well-painted white flat surface, this looks to go on noticeably.

  1. Avoid Roller Marks

If you want to ensure that the surface is free from any roller marks, better opt for a roller with heavier and thicker naps. Applying less paint when using a roller also prevent roller marks. Furthermore, you can also use flat sheens if you are planning to paint your ceiling to avoid any roller marks. It is also essential to know that you need to paint in a single direction when painting a ceiling and the other coating in the opposite direction.

Renovating your home on your own is indeed a way to save money; however, if you do not have the time and right equipment to do it yourself, it is better to hire a professional painter near you.

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