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Brighten Your Home Exterior with These Trendy Paint Colors

Perhaps many homeowners would agree that choosing the right home exterior paint color is a daunting task. That is especially when they have no idea what looks best in their homes or don't know what they want.

Besides endless color options, you also need to consider other factors when choosing paint color for your home exterior. These include trimmings, finishes, architectural style, weather specifications, and your home's future marketability.

For your upcoming home exterior paint job, consider the following ideas and end up with the right exterior color for your property.

1. Happy Yellow

If you want a lively and energizing exterior paint color, you cannot go wrong with bright canary yellow. This joy-inspired color can make your property look more stunning and inviting. In case you plan to sell your home in the future, this color can easily attract homebuyers.

2. Trendy Blacks and Modern Grays

A litany of black and gray colors will give your home exterior a modern and beautiful touch. It is an excellent idea to choose the body as a darker blue-gray since you will leave the brightness to the trimmings, windows, and door. While they deliver a classic vibe, they also represent a modern feel.

3. Whites

White-off is one of the most obvious paint color options to brighten up your home exterior. That is because it leans towards the warmer tones. If you want a clean, classic, and inviting look for your exterior, you can opt for warm whites, and they blend well with any accent color and trims. In case your exterior's body is painted white, ensure that your accents, doors, and shutters are a darker color to accentuate and contrast your home completely.

choosing the right home exterior paint

4. Traditional Neutrals

For classic color options, neutral tones such as taupe, brown and earthy are right for you. You can pair deep browns with earthy taupe siding or off-white accents with darker brown trimmings. Then, enjoy a timeless and inviting look for your home from the outside.

5. Nature Greens

Do you love nature, or you live in a wooded area? If yes, ensure to choose colors that will perfectly blend your home with the natural surroundings. Different shades of green are an attractive choice to achieve a classic and trendy look. You can go for deeper hunter greens for a timeless vibe that you can pair with natural wood accents and doors.

6. Blues

You do not need to live near the coast and other water bodies to achieve a tranquil and calm feel for your home. You can opt for different shades of blue to accomplish your desired look for your home exterior. Bold aquatic shades or soft blue hues can easily beautify and brighten your property. Choosing lighter trims is the key to choosing the perfect blue and complement the blues and other colors together.

7. Staple Barn Red

When you choose staple barn yellow for your exterior paint color, you can make your property even more attractive. The warm and bright tones of red offer a welcoming atmosphere.

Regardless of what exterior paint color you choose, it is best to let [Insert Company Name] do the paint job for you. Do not forget to take advantage of the FREE estimate.