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Do These Things Before the Professional Painters Arrive

Congratulations, you have chosen to hire professionals to do a paint job for your home. as you work with pros, you can expect top-notch quality results. What's more, you can have significant savings, unlike choosing a do-it-yourself painting project.

Before the painting team arrives, it is essential to take specific steps. It will help the crew get the job done well and ensure to complete the service more efficiently.

Below are the things you should perform the painting crew arrives:

1. Remove Everything Hanging on Your Walls

The day before the painters is due to arrive in your service area, ensure to get rid of anything on the walls you wish or need to be painted. Clock, paintings, and pictures are few examples of these items.

You can talk with the painting crew if it is your responsibility to remove the switch plates, outlet covers, and other useful items. Ensure to store the things you takedown in an area of your home that does not need to be painted.

2. Box Up Rugs, Throws, and Curtains

Removing and boxing up rugs, throws, and curtains in the area that need to be painted is also an essential part of the preparation. The crew needs to access the spots near or around the windows and doors, and these items may block them. After all, you do not want to see some paint particles on your soft textiles.

The crew takes essential precautions to avoid any spatter. However, accidents may happen. So, it is better to remove these items and make the crew work more comfortably.

3. Clear the Way

If you want the painting crew to complete their job faster, it's an excellent idea to clear the way as you walk through the area where the painters will enter your home, look for things like furniture that may block their access. Move any obstacle out of the way.

 Remove Everything Hanging on Your Walls

4. Clean Your Rooms

Dust and dirt can be culprits for making a new paint job a murky mess. They can get knocked up into the airflow and even settle on your freshly painted surfaces. Before the painting team arrives, ensure to clean your rooms and prevent everyone from entering them.

A day after the painting is done, ensure not to track debris and dirt into the room unless the paint is completely dry.

5. Prepare Your Walls

Check the condition of your walls and ensure to replace rotten wood around doors or trim. Ensure to repair the plaster or drywall damaged due to leaks and fix water leaks. It would help if you also addressed pest or insect infestation that may cause damage to the newly painted surfaces.

6. Vacate the Premises

Your family members and pets should be out of the premises when the painting crew is working. The best thing you can do is to set up a specific area where your kids and pets can stay. By doing so, the team can focus on their job and complete it faster.

If you hire 360 Painting of Brandon, we can help prepare your home for the paint job in no time. Do not hesitate to ask for our advice.