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Latest Living Room Color Trends in 2021

Your living room is a multi-functional space. It is where you and your family spend time together. It is also the space that reflects your lifestyle. So, choosing the correct paint shade is essential as it affects your living room’s overall look.

White and pale gray remains top choices as minimalist colors year after year. However, the year 2021 makes a shift towards earthy and warm tones to create a tranquil and calm feel.

If you are curious how you will bring the natural world vibe in your living room in 2021 through paint colors, take a look at the following color paint ideas:

1. Earthy Reds and Pinks

Painting your wall with muted pink or red gives a rich color burst in your living room. The deep warm tone of red offers an effortlessly chic look during the day. As the night comes, the color creates a cozy feel. The earthy tones of pink make the atmosphere easy to live with; mostly, they give the tones you usually find in nature and landscapes.

2. Soft Green

When you and your family spend a lot of time indoors, splashing your living room a little bit of green is a go-to option. You can go for olive green if you are into a stronger color that offers a mid-century modern vibe while staying in touch with nature. You will also benefit from the feeling of serenity and calmness.

3. Opaque Gray and Orange

You can use the color gray as your living room's predominant color and then add a striking hue of orange. These colors help you achieve an attractive and cozy space. The rustic mix of light and worn woods with imperceptible nude tones and soft and opaque gray give a little energy to your place. You try adding blankets or cushions in salmon or magenta to add more life.

ultimate gray4. Soothing Blues

The eye-catching but calming shade of blue brings a touch of nature into your living room. You can opt for mid-tone blue-green to make a separate color statement while bursting a comfortable, elegant feel. The equally soothing blue shade is perfect a perfect option if you want to feel relaxed at home while giving an exciting feeling. This color option is inspired by a boutique hotel look, where living room walls are painted with blue's moodier hues.

5. Sharp Black

Painting your living room with sharp black color is another trend in 2021. Rooms painted with black have officially entered the mainstream and continue to gain popularity. Contrary to what most homeowners believe, the color black does not make your space look small. Instead, it adds depth to a room.

6. Modern Grays

You cannot go wrong choosing the warm shade of beige-gray as it offers a timeless and elegant neutral feel with a modern look. You can also try a lighter gray shade to create a sophisticated backdrop to your decor and furniture. If you are not into gray walls, you can opt to paint your fireplace mantel or crown molding with a darker gray shade for charming and dramatic architectural details.

If you need professional help when choosing the ideal living room color paint, our team at 360 Painting of Brandon will help you and get a FREE estimate.