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Refresh Your Home Exterior with These Best Accent Colors

Accent colors help you add a burst of color and dimension to your home exterior, so do not miss checking out which accent colors are best for your home!

Right exterior accent colors must compliment your primary home color while adding value to your property's overall aesthetics. If you want some refreshing look in your home exterior, you can try the following options:

1. Blue

Classic blues offers serenity and calming feel into your space. A blend of cobalt and navy blue is not too dark, which gives a bright tone that can easily be noticed. This blue color option works well on your home’s front door with gold or brown accents or wood siding.

For a not-so-dramatic blue tone, you can go for a tropical steal one to make your front door stand out. Teals are perfect with pink, navy, cream, white, and brown and gold tones.

2. Red

If you are a fan of dramatic colors, the red accent color is right for you. This color is a top pick for the main house. When used in small doses, reds can highlight other colors, which adds a little wow factors to the home exterior. Classic reds with blue undertones work well with whites and blues and whites.

3. Green

Green is nature’s neutral hue that offers a refreshing vibe. Sticking with a lighter green shade when choosing an accent color for your home exterior allows you to use other colors such as taupe and beige. This color is looks also stunning with rustic red and dark jewel tones.

painting colors4. Brown

One of the best things about picking brown as your accent color is that it works well with various color schemes. This color complements multiple styles, textures, and finishes, just as other neutral colors such as gray and white.

Choose a rich, dark brown blend well with reds, blues, and gold. The chocolate brown option is a tad lighter, making it a perfect pair with mint green, pale blue, aqua, and crisp white.

5. Navy Blue

Navy blue is an excellent choice if you intense color with a bold statement, mostly when used in the main exterior. Consider this color for your trim if you are not yet ready to cover your entire home with a high-impact hue.

For a little bit of warmth, go for a deep blue. It is also a dramatic pick that works well with green undertones and different colors such as blacks, lighter blues, and grays.

6. Yellow

Yellow is a vibrant and robust color that aesthetically complement your home's primary color. However, you need to ensure that you will choose a yellow with a matching undertone. A yellow that is slightly peachy blends well with browns, reds, and warm greens.

Homeowners who want to add intrigue and interest to their home exteriors opt for accent colors. These colors also add depth and may serve as contrasts to the primary color. They can be either bold or minimal. Without them, a home exterior paint job may end up flat.

If you are still unsure which accent color you should pick, contact 360 Painting of Brandon to get professional help. You can also take advantage of your FREE estimate.