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Light and Color: How Perfect Lighting Affects Your Paint Color

In any paint project, paint color selection is just half the battle. Why? You also need to consider the paint type and finish, and lighting.

Lighting Have A Huge Effect on Your Paint Colors

The lighting you choose vastly affects the way you perceive the paint colors in your home. That is because of the way objects react to specific light wavelengths, which is known as metamerism.

For instance, you assume that the item you bought in the store is navy blue. However, you discovered that it is black in the light of day. Mind that no color stands along or is definite because any light can affect your perception.

Choosing the Perfect Lighting for Your Paint Color

Before choosing a specific light source, ensure whether or not the paint color falls into the cool or warm color spectrum.

In case your walls are painted with greens, blues, and other vibrant colors along with cool undertones, you can go for a more open and brighter light source. If painted in yellows, rich reds, and different earthy tones, a warmer light source is the go-to option.


You can use LED against all colors. It is also known for its flexibility across the color spectrum.


If you prefer cool lighting applications, you can opt for a fluorescent. However, it is available in warm color temperatures.


You can compare halogen to sunlight. It produces a whiter light compared to other options.

Perfect Lighting Affects Your PaintIncandescent

For enhanced warm tones, you can go for incandescent as it generates a yellow light. However, beware that it dulls surfaces with tones.

Cool Paint Colors

Choosing the lighting that comes with a color temperature range between 4000K and 6000K will enhance the cooler paint colors' vibrancy. CFLs and LEDs with that color temperature range are also known as "stark white" or "cool white." Beware that a paint color will appear distorted or dull when you use a light source in a low color temperature against green or blue paint.

Warm Color Paints

You can go for lighting and fixtures with a color temperature range between 2400K and 3000K if you want to highlight your paint color's warmth and richness. Halogen or incandescent bulbs are the best light source options within those color temperatures. That is because they produce a whiter light, which will not cause color distortion.

While CFLs and LEDs in a low color temperature range work great, they require a high Lumen output so that they will meet your desired brightness level.

Do not get frustrated after your painted walls look different from the samples you used when choosing a paint color. Mind that your wall looks different depending on the time of the day. So, you need to be extra careful when picking a light source for your home.

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