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Tips and Tricks for Commercial Painting Maintenance

As a business owner, you want everything to run smoothly. So, it's no surprise you invest in hiring a trusted painting company to ensure your commercial building's professional and inviting look.

The same way with other surfaces, walls and siding quickly get dirty. Stains, dirt, and dust can turn your newly panted areas into an unwelcoming and dull space in a matter of few months. Since you have invested hard-earned money to achieve a perfect paint job, knowing the proper ways to maintain your building's clean and elegant look is critical.

Below are valuable tips about proper wall care that will help you keep your commercial property look fresh for longer times.

1. Choose the Right Paint Type

When you choose the right paint type, maintaining your building's walls is a lot easier. If you are in an office, super-high gloss paint is not the right choice. In a warehouse, flat paint tends to be hard to clean option.

Meanwhile, high traffic areas like hallways require a paint type like gloss, semi-gloss, or satin finishes. These paints provide high resistance to dirt and smoother surfaces, thanks to their higher latex polymer microparticles proportions.

2. Practice Regular Dusting

If you allow dust to accumulate on the walls, the paint will peel or fade faster. one of the best things to prevent that scenario is dusting your walls regularly. It will prevent dust buildup, which promotes a longer lifespan of the building's paint. You can use a vacuum that features a soft brush attachment or a microfiber to remove dust and light stains from the wall.

3. Use the Right Cleaning Solutions

Part of maintaining the aesthetic look of your painted walls is cleaning them. Before you start washing your wall, ensure to test the cleaning solutions. Use the solution on a small part of the wall to determine whether it can damage the paint.

After you ensure that the cleaning solution will not cause any damage or strip the paint away, get a soft sponge and clean the wall surfaces. For high-traffic areas like bathrooms and office hallways, you may need to repeat the cleaning process a couple of times to ensure the best results.


4. Repair Damages Areas

If you find chipped surfaces, you can use small brushes and touch-up paint to repair the damage. Ensure to repair any damage as soon as possible to prevent further issues. Superficial damage requires sanding and high-quality patching material and touch up. Mind that paint colors change a little over time so that you can feather it over the surrounding areas with less pressure. That way, the color differences are minimized.

5. Use Different Protective Features

Another way to protect and maintain your wall paint is by using various protective features. You can use door stoppers to keep doors from hitting the wall. Chair rails, wainscoting, and rubber buffers are also helpful and useful for preventing any paint damage.

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