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Try These Paint Colors and Make Your Space Look Bigger

Most homeowners take extra effort to choose light furnishing and beautiful decor and add personal touches to their living space. After all, our home is a perfect place to connect, relax and be yourself.

However, you may have a hard time decorating or improving your home's look because of its small size.

The good news is that color can help you make any room look bigger. Below are few color combinations to choose from:

1. Clean White

Choosing a crispy white will give you a perfect clean feel and a sense of calm throughout your space. This color has an excellent softness level that bursts a cozy vibe. You can pair pure white with bright decor and wooden flooring. Then, you can mix it with other colors to add more life to your room.

2. Dark Blue

If your goal is to make a statement, you can pick dark blue because of its transformative power. The color makes a significant impact in small rooms. You can open the space in your room by using richer dark blue tones on one wall blend with lighter tones. It will give you a bold and moody feel.

3. Dark Gray

Dark gray tones look modern and minimalistic in small rooms. No matter how fancy or casual your furnishings are, you can make your room appear clean and crisp. This color offers a great twist against simple beige or traditional white colors. It will deliver sophistication and elegance to your room.

4. Earthly Ochre

With earthly ochre, you can create a calm environment because of its deep and warm color. Through the light tan colors along with sunlight that streams through your open windows, your room will have increased dimensions. A more inviting atmosphere will welcome you whenever you enter the room.

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5. Sea Green

The very minimalistic vibe that sea-green offers are what makes it a popular choice among homeowners. This color works well with wooden decor and furniture because it makes your room appears earthy. Decorating it with other textures and tones, you can freshen up your space in an instant.

6. Taupe

Painting your wall with taupe is excellent solutions for making your small room appear bigger. That is because it belongs to the lighter end of the color spectrum. This light and relaxing color will help you improve your space's mood and add a burst of color.

7. Charcoal Black

Even without a natural light source, you can still make your room look bigger through dark charcoal black color paint. This color offers a more intimate feel when used as a complementary color to the lighter color scheme. You can pair it with more sophisticated colors, including soft blues, whites and purples, and more delicate greens.

8. Pale Blues

If you want your room to feel light and open, you can choose pale blue because of its gentleness. This color sets a calming tone when paired with white and pale pink. It will work best for baby rooms, bedrooms, and other internal rooms.

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